28 January 2016

2106-01-28 spider 1  Cr

Austin found this jumping spider, cavorting on his hand, and scaring our guest.

2106-01-28 spider 2  Cr

The little critter really kept on the move and it was hard to get an in-focus photo. (I put the spider first because the only thing is not so happy.)

2106-01-28 anti-emetic leaf  Cr

BARF LEAF – or RUNS LEAF … I don’t know what.  But a tummy flu arrived along with  41 guests – almost half of whom were affected.  And me.  THIS is the leaf our local friends showed up with.  Those who chewed it said it helped.   I didn’t chew it – I just took to bed.   All better now!

*     *     *


2 thoughts on “28 January 2016

    • Oh you and your astute perceptions! Luckily we have 5 bathrooms in this compound …. plus bushes (ha) …. and we found the flue to be a bonding experience:: caring and receiving care from each other. But next time I’d rather achieve the bonding with campfires and ghost stories.

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