21 January 2016

2016-01-21  two students  R

I love this photo I forgot I took of two students (Hannah and Brooke) on their laptops up by Junia’s house.   The vaivai tree has been greatly pruned as you can see from the neatly stacked logs; this all being to keep the little vaivai leaves out of the pool.   The sky is blue again.

2016-01-21 cloud of moths R

Whereas this photo – I know you have no idea why I took it.

2016-01-21 cloud of moths  Cr

The close up probably does not help much.   There was a marvelous cloud of moths under the mango tree.  Kiki was on the swing.  Every time Akka swung Kiki the cloud would go on the move, sparkling in the sunlight like a Hollywood special effect.   Alas I could not capture it.

2016-01-21  plethora of mangoes  R

You might remember my friend Patti from the  sari modelling during wedding season.  Her husband, a very generous gent originally from Mauritius, came to visit and was thrilled it is mango season.  Apparently Mauritius has wonderful mangoes and so he had to stop at every mango vendor to be sure to get all the varieties, and made this mango basket for Monica.  To be sure, there were sizes, shapes and colors of mangoes I never suspected were here.

2014-08-27 sundried tomatoes 4  R.jpg

A memory further back – this was our sun-drying of tomatoes from August 2014, eighteen or so months ago.

2016-01-21 solar dryer 1  R

With the arrival of the keen Aussie students who are studying agriculture, marketing and the like, Austin worked with them to kick it up a notch.   Behold the NEW solar fruit dryer!

2016-01-21 solar dryer 2  R

2016-01-21 solar dryer 3  R


Other students are making jams, others trying out coconut oil and related products.

If I gave any impression last week that I was overwhelmed with them all here, that was incorrect.  They are a great group of sweet and thoughtful, enterprising and totally lovely youth.

2016-01-21 Project Everest gang  R

I will miss them all (including Anthia, not in the photo) and also the organizers off camera.   Bye-bye  Emma, Kevin, Estelle, Oscar, Delaney,  Rose, Lily, Sophie,  Isabelle, Daniel, Hannah, Brooke, Emma, Wendy, Robbie, Julie, Lucy, Kai, Corinna, Angeline, Vivian, Kathy, and Polina!

*    *    *







2 thoughts on “21 January 2016

  1. Such a nice looking group that has been visiting. I’m sure it will be a different atmosphere when they leave. I really appreciated seeing the drying of all the fruits and vegetables. I have bought them in the store, but I’m sure those would taste a lot better. Hope you are well and looking forward to the rest of your summer. LG

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