“14 January 2016”

2016-01-14 pool functioning  R

Excuses,, excises = this week’s blog is 24 hours late because of lack of internet.  Twenty-four students, 72 hours, 16 Gigabytes of wifi  for the month: Gone.  Plashnet top up – send reaquest, wait, make phone call, wait,  make second phone call, get angry …. Good Lord.     At least the pool here is functioning properly – pump, filter, waterfall, the whole shebang.

2016-01-14 the pups  R

As promised:  the pups.  To me they just look like plump lumps.  I am refusing to get excited or attached.

2016-01-14 chix 2 week old  R really 1 week old

The only real fauna news around here I notice is that we have more chicks than ever.  These are week old chicks.  Normally they’d be gone.

2016-01-14 chix 1 week old  R really newborns

These are day old chicks.

2016-01-14 chix 2hatching as I write  R

The incubator still had many dozen eggs.  Some are hatching even now (when I took the photo yesterday morning).   It is never ending.

2016-01-14 grass is mowed  R

There are cages of 2 week old and 3 week old chicks in the yard.  I asked Austin what the heck happened.  He says people are broke after Christams, and also it was rainy (nobody wants to try to raise baby chicks in rainy weather), and also he has probably saturated the local market.

2016-01-14 lonely gosling  R

When looking at the photos, Austin pointed out to me the Lonely Gosling.   Geese are extremely social birds, and this orphan was rejected by his genetic kin and so he is doing his best to stay close to the chicks he grew with.   Poor young goose.

*    *    *

I’ll try to get something happier next week.

Yours in haste<  Kim

*    *    *







5 thoughts on ““14 January 2016”

  1. I enjoyed this issue. especially the story about the gosling. I have a skunk that comes to my back patio often and has befriended two of the cats that also venture for food. I think it is probably a loner and is looking for some companionship, as well. The countryside looks lush and green now, and the chicks look healthy, as well. Looking forward to the next issue. LG

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