7 January 2016

2016-01-07 egg crate insulation  Cr

See the egg crates in the wall.  Rakesh’s great idea for soundproofing for inside the wall between the room he is upgrading and the one that my son Guy upgraded out of the same porch 5 years ago.

We are in SUCH a hurry.  I knew we had a group coming on January 24th, but since last week another group confirmed for January 11th.

We are SOOOO busy I thought today was Wednesday (that was yesterday)…. and I am getting my blog out on the right day, barely, 14 hours past my normal schedule.

2016-01-07  rainy Beqa  Cr

There were only 2 photos in my camera this week: this is the second one.  We actually stopped the car to get this photo – Beqa Island, raining in the middle and dry on the ends.

More is going on.  Po had another litter of puppies, six  of them living, 3 girls and 3 boys.   Fruit bats are flying overhead.  And nobody has done the New Year’s custom of throwing water on each other, because God has been throwing water down on all of us nearly non-stop.


Lots of love.



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