31 December 2015 – the real one

2015-12-31 goose egg ornament 1  R

This is a goose egg – risen to glory as a Christmas tree ornament – courtesy of Austin, Junia and some homestay guests.

2015-12-31 goose egg ornament 2  R

And another.

2015-12-31 goose egg ornament 3  R

And the one I am considering a jinx – as he not only caused a whole lot of others to fall off the tree …. I also think he made me hit the “publish” button WAY too early…..

*     *     *

It has been a crazy week and I have not been taking photos, even though Akka, Junia and Austin have been telling me so much.   I haven’t been listening.   Only one farm thing really grabbed my attention: CHOCOLATE

2015-12-31 cocoa 1  R

Akka learned on line that he has to ferment the cocoa beans, so now he puts them in ziplock bags to age.

2015-12-31 cocoa 2  R

This is what they look like a week further into the process.  (Yeah, I know, it looks putrid … but the result is terrific.)

2015-12-31 cocoa 3  R

These are parts of remaining bricks from two different batches of cocoa Akka has processed.  Really chocolate-y tasting.  Yum yum.

*     *     *

What has been distracting the tar out of me (besides the minion on the tree) can be symbolized by THIS

2015-12-31 bunk beds  R

Preparation for an influx of more than 25 guests to the homestay!   (I start losing my mind at 7 guests.)   We got these very sturdy bunk beds on sale, and just went to town today to buy FOUR MORE.   Oh Lordy.

The photo above is in the room we always planned to house up to four local volunteer/trainees on the farm some day.   Also prepared for that day is a closet with four lockers.   Our dear artistic guest took charge of painting the lockers.

Thanks, Rennie.

*     *     *

Happy, happy New Year to all.

*     *     *








6 thoughts on “31 December 2015 – the real one

  1. Wow, beautiful footlocker art! I assume this is downstairs near the room with the incubators? Where will the other bun beds go? They look great. Good luck! Also, the goose egg decorations are lovely.

    • You’re right, Joyce. This is downstairs in the wood house (where the incubator and tool rooms are. The “trainee dorm” has its own toilet and shower and locker/closet space. It is looking good.

    • I guess I’m just a bust at marketing. My son and his wife started a homestay here on the property about a year and a half ago – so 2-6 visitors at a time is “normal” (actually, that was pretty normal even before, which is why we all decided to just make a business of it.) There is the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/teiteifarmstay/ And if you ever come here, I’ll make SURE you get some of Akka’s chocolate.

    • Hi Chris, we have 24 ecology students + 3 professors coming for two 3-day visits around a wedding party of 6 that had already booked. May 2016 be a wonderful year for all y’all as well!

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