24 December 2015

2015-12-24 first avocado  Cr

Just this week:  our first avocado !   Hooray !

2015-12-24 mango  Cr

Also NOTICED just this week:  we are going to get mangoes again this year; the tree by my house has quite a few.  I hope the delicious (peachy-banana) mango from our far land is also bearing this year.

And for the utterly sublime….

2015-12-24 sapadilla 3  R


Technically (if Austin is right) they are called “sapadillas.”   It is growing under our chicken pen and I’m tasting this fruit for the first time in my life.  WOW.

2015-12-24 sapadilla 2  R


Here’s a shot of the flower end for anyone who knows how to classify fruits.   Anyhow, the sugarplum-sapadilla is sweet like brown sugar, has a unique flavor without tasting perfumed.  It is moist without being juicy, and slightly mealy without being unpleasant.

It also has a thin brown skin similar to a kiwi, seeds like a soursop, and when I peeled the first one with my teeth, my lips stuck together with a bit of invisible latex sap.

I’m in love with it, warts and all.

But speaking of mealy ….

2015-12-24 sweet sop  R

Here is a sweet sop (a.k.a. custard apple, “corazon”) growing right by my porch.  It is sweet, very mealy, full of seeds, and does not float my boat.  But it is here for others who like it.

And the biggest news of the week …

2015-12-24 water in pool  R

It is raining.    Starting to be good news for the pool.  Already great news for the crops and grasslands.    Should I tell you about how it has affected the smells from the chicken pens?  Nooo … why spoil the mood?   Ha!

Happy Christmas Eve, Everybody…. and …

~~~~~~ MERRY CHRISTMAS ~~~~~~~




4 thoughts on “24 December 2015

  1. Hi Kim, Happy belated Merry Christmas, to you and the family. Thanks again for a delightful walk around the farm. Love hearing about your adventures. Keep us informed of all the new and exotic fruits you find. Love you Jo

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