17 December 2015

Patti & Kim in saris Dec 2015  R-smiley face

It’s WEDDING SEASON – and so there have been marriage ceremonies night after night after day after night (each Hindu wedding takes 3 ceremonies, plus now they have added engagement ceremonies).  Sheesh.  Anyway – Someone dressed up in the blue sari suit I was given last August, along with visiting friend Patti in the first sari I ever owned.

2015-12-17 dressed for a wedding  R

And here, the next night, are a bunch of people dressed to go to an Indian wedding:  Patti in a different sari of mine,  two dear neighbor girls all dressed up,another American guest in my fuchsia sari (that sari has never been happier!),  and me in the Gopee Suit I was given as a present – wearing it for the first time at long last.   Now I know why my brother keeps giving me dress suits – they are so much easier and (in the case of the cotton gopee suit) more comfortable.

If you are looking for bugs or weeds or chickens this week, you are out of luck.

Next up is traditional outrigger canoes.

2015-12-17 traditional boat 1  R

When I was in Canada, I met a First Nations master canoe builder, Bear Sam.  I wanted to introduce Bear to my friend  Semiti Cama who is a master canoe builder in Fiji, but I had not gotten over to see him until this week.

2015-12-17 traditional boat 2  R

There were canoes all around his compound.   Canoes are brought to him to repair.  I think these two are almost ready to go.

2015-12-17 traditional boat 3  Rjpg

Here is Semiti, with a model he recently made.   And here is an article on line about him.  http://www.pacificbluefoundation.org/2013/08/secrets-of-the-camakau-builders/

(I’m going to try to get this foundation to pay for Bear to come to Fiji and share experiences with Semiti – but that is our little secret until I do the paperwork – ha ha)

2015-12-17 traditional boat 4  R

I’ll close the canoes with this shot of the hull of the outrigger that Semiti’s grandfather used to sail from the Lau islands to Suva over 50 years ago.   That vesi wood holds up a long long time for being in the tropics!

2015-12-17 intense rainbow 1  R

One evening Akka screamed out “RAINBOW”   It was the most intense rainbow any of us had seen.

2015-12-17 intense rainbow 2  R

Austin grabbed my camera and took about 30 photos – but alas my camera is not doing well.

One guest took some shots with her Tablet –

2015-12-17 Intense Rainbow - Rennie  R

photo by Rennie with superior equipment


*    *    *

May we all have a week of rainbow joy.

*    *    *


10 thoughts on “17 December 2015

    • I hope you enjoy all the aspects of the wedding. I’ve found that I can be cheerful through ONE ceremony, and so now I ask the family to choose the one they want me to most. Anyway – had a look at your lovely blog and laughed out loud at why you don’t shop at Gap anymore. Ha ha.

      • Thanks! Yes, the wedding is a mixed up affair in our case, since my son’s fiancee is of Italian/British descent.My own was a one-day affair and I don’t have too much interest in rituals, so it’s basically just going to be a 3-day party..

      • Like ! (alas, there is no button for it). I like the idea of a one-day wedding, and also the idea of a 3-day party better than 3 days of rituals. Have fun.

  1. Hi Kim, Thanks for the lovely Photos of the Fiji Rainbow, They made my heart sing and brought back memories of Guam and seeing the beautiful Rainbow there over the water. Oh how I miss island life. I am so happy that you share it with us in your log and keep praying that God will make it possible for me to go to an island to life again before I die. Don’t get me wrong I am not about to die yet, I just believe I am closer to God when I am living with island people. I can not tell you how miserable it can be living here in a big city. So hard to find really spiritual souls here. Most people are cough up in trying to stay alive here. I even miss China for different reasons though since I lived in a fairly large city not as big as Beijing or Shanghai but still very large and very material.
    So thanks again my dear sister and keep this log going. It helps feed our souls, sharing your life the way you do. Love to you and the family. and Give that little brother of mine a big hug and even a kiss from me, Yes Austin I love you too. Jo

    • I hear you, Jo, and will pass on your greetings. I’m happy to invite you here for a short visit – but think what you have in mind is a longer trip – or more of a relocation kind of thing. If I were free, I’d go to Hawaii. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ” K.P.T.” in Honolulu where Clara and her husband live – although it is a high-rise, the residents are all islanders (many Micronesians) and it feels like being in a village. Hug hug.

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