10 December 2015

2015-12-10 pineapple season Cr

It is pineapple season again.  This is one of many heaps at the market.  You can buy a nice large pineapple for one dollar (or US 50 cents).

2015-12-10 field fire 2 R


A couple of days ago I was showing my friend around and I heard something like running water – and saw flames across our field, on our little hill on the far side of the land.

2015-12-10 field fire 1 R

Flames, I say !!      Apparently a neighbor had lit a fire to burn off his own grass and didn’t stay there to contain it.    I saw a lot of green so I wasn’t worried.   Austin on the other hand thought the flames were already too big to fight.

I didn’t understand the danger.   If the flames jumped the drain, the fire would go into the flat field where we have the coconut trees that have been growing for 5 years, the coconut trees that Austin is counting on to nourish our chickens and stop our dependence on commercial feed.  Sheesh!  Five years of effort about to go up in flames!  (I was thinking how I wished our old friend Buzz Teter, the smoke-jumper from California, were here.  He would, no doubt, have a plan of attack.)

Half an hour later Austin and Junia decided to brave it.  And an hour or so later they returned with good news – they had beaten the fire back.   Junia described winding long green grass onto the end of a long stick and using that as a beater.

But when Austin finished his shower, he yelled to Ju that the fire had broken through again.

2015-12-10 field fire 3 R

And so Austin and Junia went down into THIS.

We were just so lucky that there was no wind.

2015-12-10 field fire 4 R

Next day – the burned part.

2015-12-10 field fire 5 R

It doesn’t look all that bad, but it was such a big threat there for a few hours.   I’ve never felt threatened by fire before, so this was quite an eye-opener.

2015-12-10 flame tree Cr

THIS is the kind of flame I prefer on our farm:   a flame tree.

*    *    *

I sent Austin out with my camera to get photos of the fire damage, and he brought back his idea of “beauty shots” as well:

Kids in trees, and chicken legs.

*    *    *


2015-12-10 dappled beach R

Our week started with a picnic on this shady beach.   After all the heat and excitement in the last few days, I want to go back!

*    *    *












7 thoughts on “10 December 2015

    • Hi Clara – your dad says I was Wrong Again as regards the beauty shot of the chicken legs. I thought he was looking at the feathers – but actually it was a photo of feet injured by mites. Ugh. Ha ha

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