3 December 2015

2015-12-03 feed me  R

“Feed me!” … babies just a few meters from my porch.

Or maybe they are saying, “Give me something to drink!”  Did I mention how DRY it is?

2015-12-03 waste not want not  Cr

The bees have discovered a water source: the leaky joint at my kitchen tap.  Now they drink from it every day.  When Austin was having a lot of back pain, we considered “bee sting therapy” – and if we ever decide to go for it, we will be able to easily grab a bee from here.   Austin, however, decided that his back isn’t hurting all that bad.  (Do we call that “aversion therapy”?)

2015-12-03 sand story 1  Cr


First, beach sand from the coast.

2015-12-03 sand story 2 R

And a magnet picking up what it can.  Why?  Because a foreign company recently got rights to dredge the mouth of the river to get the iron.

2015-12-03 sand story 3  R

A bored guest harvested this much pure magnetic material out of the sand.

2015-12-03 sand story 4  R

Now look at the hair on this magnet!   (I want to make a Wooly Willy toy out of this!).   Anyway – the plan is to try to get this stuff tested to find out what other minerals are in it that the government may be just giving away….

2015-12-03 horse jail  R


Our “bai pound” (which is a horse jail) has been untenanted for months, and then this week we got SEVEN CLIENTS, so to speak: seven loose horses poised to damage everyone’s crops.   Austin, Akka, Junia and neighbors herded them into the fenced off compound that Austin got designated as a government detention facility.  Here we waited for someone to come bail them out or, more likely, bust them out in the dead of night.  (Why would I even THINK that, you ask?  Don’t ask.)  Anyhow, the situation was worse than usual as most of the grass in there was dead, and Junia was dreading the thought of hauling water repeatedly to the seven very thirsty critters.   This time, praise the Lord, there was actually a VERY HAPPY solution!   The owners came and all details were written down about each horse – they then signed an agreement that any horse that was found on anyone else’s property within one year – that horse would immediately be turned over to the government.   YAY.  Horses are gone – and with luck, the crops are safe for one year – at least from these guys.

2015-12-03 first fruits R


A few days ago Junia came up from the farm with these huge fruits, the first harvest from both a new papaya tree and a new strain of pineapples.  He said that traditionally the first fruits are presented to The Father – but I couldn’t find Austin, so I snapped them with The Grandson.

*    *    *



4 thoughts on “3 December 2015

  1. My what pretty nails you have 😉
    The magnet stuff is cool! The birdies are so cuuuutte!
    And every time I see a picture of Kiki my heart expands a few centimeters– such a sweet and handsome boy!

  2. Hi Kim it is a delight to read your blog each month. You are such a good writer making even the daily mundane sound interesting. Keep it up you are loved by all your readers, I am sure. Hope you get rain soon. Here in San Francisco we had a couple days rain and it was delightful hear it hitting the window, unfortunately it only lasted a couple days and we are back into the drought again.I often wonder how Fiji water gets its water during the drought there. I know that Nestle is being boy-coughed for bottling California’s water. Love to you, Austin and the family. Hugges and kisses Jo

    • Hi – I’m so happy you like to read it ! Sorry for your drought – I wonder who is getting all the rain right now. We are hanging in there. Patti Murday is here right now and we are about to wrap ourselves in saris and go to an Indian wedding. If we do not have rain enough for showers, then it will be TOO dry. So far, so acceptable. hug hug

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