26 November 2015

2015-11-26 huge beetle  R

Last week my afterthought was the huge helicopter beetle – but I realized I didn’t have anything in the photo to give perspective on its size…. so here we are, a dead member of its species, which you can now see is nearly as big as Brazil !!  For the insectophiles among you, I asked Dr. Smarty and he says it is a Fiji Longhorn Beetle.

2015-11-26 mighty moca  R

Continuing with the theme of HUGE – this is the amaranth plant beside our house.  Practically a tree.  Austin is saving it for seed.   The local name for this is moca (MOE-tha) – and the leaves are our local cooked spinach.  Yummy, yummy yummy – which is why plants are never seen this big.

2015-11-24 Auntie & Kiki & rain stick 1  Cr

The only other actual Flora and Fauna photo I have this week is this exceedingly clever combo of bamboo (flora), chicken feathers & shells (fauna) and duct tape.

2015-11-26 Kiki and rainstick  R

Filled with pebbles, it is a rain stick.  This was birthday present from one of our Teitei guests to Kiki who turned just turned THREE.   (Happy birthday again, Sweetie Pie!)

2015-11-26 sign vechiles  R

For the proof-readers among you here is an amusing sign outside the Samabula Post Office.  (Interesting that the problem word appears in bold.  I didn’t do that.)

2015-11-26 paper low mileage  R

For the thinkers among you here is an amusing headline from an ad in the Fiji Times a few days ago.   (Just what I always wanted in a car….)

And to close the week

2015-11-26 honeyed sunset  R


*    *    *

Have a happy week, everybody.

*    *    *


7 thoughts on “26 November 2015

  1. Great site you got here.

    I was wondering if you got a few spare stevia seeds or young plants i can burrow. I can’t find stevia anywhere in fiji. It is a good sugar alternative.

    Mesake, Suva

  2. You know, normally I would be interested in the culture – what’s a rain stick? – but it’s so wet and grey here at the moment, that my favourite thing in this post is the sunset. More bright Fiji colours please, through our northern winter.

    • There is nothing about “rain sticks” in Fiji culture – but somewhere, maybe Australia, I heard that people would put pebbles into a hollow tube, and would shift it end to end. The sound is like rain, and it is supposed to “call” the rain. So I hear….. Ok – I just looked it up in Wikipedia and it is an Aztec thing, not Australian. Ha!

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