19 November 2015

2015-11-19 chick vendor 2  R

Austin got back this week, but before he did I had to sell last week’s hatch or try to.  There were about 2 dozen special chicks not for sale (don’t know why but Austin had put an X or a P on some shells and those were the not-for-sale ones), and there were TEN DOZEN to sell.

2015-11-19 chick vendor 1  R

Akka helped me pack them two dozen to a box.

2015-11-19 chick vendor 3  R

When we got to the market, this was the view from the table where I parked the boxes.   An hour and a half later I had given away one dozen to an 8-year-old boy who kept coming to look at them because he loved them so much and sold three dozen at last year’s price to one fellow who was willing to buy three dozen but wanted a “deal.”     Enough of this!   We went to the beach.

2015-07-02 upright driftwood R

Do you remember this picture from last July?

2015-11-19 tree from 2015-07-02 taking root  Cr

Well, here is the same tree now.  I was WRONG AGAIN last July.  It must not have been set-upright driftwood – it must have been the result of severe erosion just as Austin had thought, because the tree is full of foliage now.   But I swear I do not remember a tree in that location before July.   We’ve gone to that spot of that beach a LOT.

2015-11-19 beach tree  Cr

Here is a cuter picture of a tree at the beach.  This little friend has gone to check if there are any eggs in the nest (sadly you can’t see the nest well behind the leaves …. I need a better camera [ha ha])    The report came down:  nest empty.

2015-11-19 beach fire  R

Ok – here is the beach itself – this photo taken because of the smoke.   There was a grass fire a bit down the road as we came in.   By this point that grass fire was working its way over to where Akka had parked the truck – in tall grass.   This led to an urgent sprint down 300 meters of beach to move the truck and its vulnerable tyres.

2015-11-19 burning cane 1  R

Plenty of fires going on – have I mentioned how dry it is?

2015-11-19 burning cane 2  R

These are fires in the cane fields that were in progress…

2015-11-19 burning cane 3  R

…as Austin and I were driving home from the airport.

2015-11-19 Pool progress 1  R

Taking advantage of the drought, we are finally painting the pool.   Can you imagine the fumes in that bowl?

2015-11-19 Pool progress 2  R

Can you imagine the heat?  (Ah, but the bougainvillea is so pretty!)

2015-11-19 Pool progress 3  R

And I close this week with a final shot of our trusty “sasa” – coconut rib broom.

*    *    *

2015-11-19 big beetle  Cr

I forgot to mention THIS fellow!   Geez Lousie – it sounded like a helicopter was trying to land on me and it was this beetle.  He’s huge.  Huge and did not hurt me – just made his way out the window after I got him his publicity shot.  I hope any troubles affect all of you the same way – briefly scary perhaps, but ultimately harmless.

Lots of love to you all.

*    *    *


10 thoughts on “19 November 2015

  1. Very interesting Kim. The chicks must have been a hit. I know the people that got them really appreciated them. The market really had lots of good looking items. I do remember the tree and am glad to see that it has a new life. The beach looked inviting, however the fire looked like it could have done a lot of damage. The pool is looking good. It will be really a popular spot soon. And as for the bug, well I’m not a bug person, so he looks like he might be a “stink bug”. Hope you are all doing well. Larry Godley

    • The chicks were not a big hit – I did not write the narrative well enough. Nobody wanted to buy them – that’s why I gave away one dozen and sold 3 more dozen under price. The problem is that this market is SATURATED – everybody who wants Austin’s chicks already has them. Also, it is just after Diwali – this is financially like just after Christmas in the US. Austin will be taking all the leftover chicks to Navua and Suva to sell this weekend. We need to produce fewer chicks for awhile. The last of the cane gets burned off every year, and there is seldom damage from it. Austin told me the name of the huge beetle but I forgot it – not a stink bug – I’ll put in a photo of one we caught soon, along with the name.

  2. Kim, living in HOT SC, it amazes me how many folks (from the northern states in USA) paint their pool bottoms black. Needless to say, many months of the year the swimming pools are like bath water, because of the heat absorption. Do you see many folks painting their pool bottoms black? and Happy Thanksgiving!! from your cousin, Leslie

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