12 November 2015

2015-11-12 still hatching  R

“Hey, leave me alone – I’m hatching here!”

Yes, Austin is still gone, and I am still on duty as Queen of the Incubator.   This little chick did get out okay, along with more than 14 dozen little friends.

2015-11-12 long body wasp.  Rjpg


Akka and I were cleaning a guest room when he noticed this dead wasp.  He mentioned it had a skinny waist.  They all have skinny waists – hence the term “wasp-waisted” for an exceptionally thin woman you don’t like.  But the wasp contrasts nicely with Akka’s other big find under the louvers ….

2015-11-12 Fiji bumble bee  Cr

A dead bumblebee !   Whoever knew Fiji has bumblebees?

2015-11-05 big fat sunlit raindrops  Cr


This shot is of raindrops that I took last week, but did not have space for it.  Never mind my slow shutter speed — that is exactly what those sunlit raindrops looked like to my eye as well.  Those few drops were the only rain our farm has seen for the last three weeks.

2015-11-12 Diwali morning  R

This is how Diwali (Indian “Festival of Lights”) looked yesterday morning.  That was the last of the sunshine – it was cloudy all day.  But no rain.

2015-11-12 bamboo fireworks 1  Cr


Speaking of Diwali – “Festival of Fireworks and Homemade Candy”  (Dang!  I should have taken a photo of the candy! – well, something for next year) –  along with the crackle-crackle-crackle-KAPOW of fireworks, we also hear a series of sonic BOOMs here.   Well, those BOOMs are coming from Fiji Bamboo Cannons.

2015-11-12 bamboo fireworks 2  Cr

They are made of green bamboo which has a fuel chamber cut into it.  A bit of kerosene plus unleaded petrol is poured in the hole.  A few seconds are given for some of the fumes to leave, then fire is added via a long stick.   The fuels combust in the green bamboo chamber and

2015-11-12 bamboo fireworks 3  R

a wall of sound comes out the open end.  Obviously this was between booms.   I can’t believe the cannon is just pointing parallel to the ground rather than up into the air.

*    *    *


I’ve been asking my daughter about bears around the grandkids’ school – there have been several.  But this week there was something new – not a bear.  Here is her forwarded email:

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please be aware that we have received word from a neighbouring condo strata that there was a cougar sighting in the area this morning. As a precaution we will ensure that students are not playing in the back parts of the school this morning for drop off. We will monitor the situation in regards to recess.

Thank you

stock cougar

*    *     *


6 thoughts on “12 November 2015

  1. You’re right about the chooks there. I always imagined the Fiji cannons pointing skyward – so I was really shocked at this. News from a neighbor’s house a couple of nights ago was even scarier. One of the BIG fireworks with 5 chambers of explosives fell on its side after the second volley. The other three payloads were discharged at ground level between the seated guests. Luckily all three were near misses, but barely. Yikes.

  2. I got a kick out of the hand made cannon. When we were growing up my dad made us a little cannon out of a heavy pipe and we could propel a potato using a fire cracker as our power source. We usually had it aiming pretty parallel with the ground, so it didn’t go very far. Looks like the chicks are hatching out pretty well, and the hillside sure looks pretty with all the golden flowers. Hope things are going well. Winter is coming on. It is supposed to be below freezing this week, so the flowers will all be gone. Take Care, LG

    • I’d heard of potato cannons but never heard them described. Sounds like a lot of fun! And although we don’t have guns, we do have firecrackers and potatoes, so this is doable. The hillside, by the way, is not golden flowers but dying grass glowing in the early morning sun.

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