29 October 2015

2015-10-29 Chuukese skirt 0 Cr

This is the embroidered design on the Chuukese skirt that Encheni gave me when I saw her in Hawaii last August.  I had too much to blog about that week – but oh, man, do I love the skirt.  Like the old skirts I wore all the time when I lived in Micronesia, except that it is done with machine embroidery instead of applique.

2015-10-29 Chuukese skirt 1 Cr

Well guess what – we have some guests at the Teitei,right now who spent time in Micronesia back in the 60s, know Chuuk – and one of them was even stationed in Udot  (where my daughter Clara was born) – and he might well have built our dear friend Betty’s house!   They wanted to see my skirts.

2015-10-29 Chuukese skirt 2 R

They reminded me about how the women used to wear skirts on top of skirts so that the lower one peeks out.  Yes!   And so I did this with my older traditional-applique skirt that is too stained to use as outer wear any more.  Fun!

*     *     *

2015-10-29 Dr office evac plan R

So I wasn’t so inspired by flora or fauna this week.  I saw THIS SIGN in a doctor’s waiting room.  It caught my eye.   The evacuation plan “In Case of Earthquake” …. “In Case of Tsunami”……”In Case of Fire”

2015-10-29 Dr office view from my seat R

This was the view from where I was sitting.  Thank goodness for that detailed plan – otherwise I would never have figured out where to go if I were in a panicked state.

*     *     *

2015-10-29 Roshni normal flower R

Flowers came to me anyway – I went walkabout and neighbor Roshni told me, “I have flowers for Austin.”  as in, she has nice flowers to give him cuttings for.  I told her I’d tell him (so far, I forgot) – and I took photos.   Above is the “normal” version of that flower, whatever it is.    Roshni has some HUGE ones.

2015-10-29 Roshni huge pink R2015-10-29 Roshni huge yelow R2015-10-29 Roshni huge red R


So these are for you, Austin – whenever you go over to ask Roshni.

*     *     *

2015-03-12 before a storm R

This was under our new house in March when Cyclone Pam was threatening to come our way.  She gobsmacked Vanuatu instead, but before we knew that, I was thinking – “we’re going to have to get this crap out from under the house.”    Austin was thinking, “We’ve got to finish under the house.”

2015-05-21 Under the house 1 R

In May, work started.   It has actually been mostly done for awhile, but I’ll give you a tour this week.

2015-10-29 under house 1  R

Mostly finished outside – I think we’ll get some kind of doors on this eventually.

2015-10-29 under house 2  R

Austin’s incubator room.  Only one of those 2 work, and on it, the automatic egg turner doesn’t.   You can see his honey suit hanging on the post – that gave me a scare when I went in at dusk once.

2015-10-29 under house 3  R

More in the incubator room, nice shelves.  The egg cartons on their sides are full of eggs that Austin will be putting into the incubator in a few days.  He turns them from side to side a few times a day when he shifts the ones in the incubator.   To the far left you can see a row of small kerosene lamps.  They are for warming chicks when the power goes out.

2015-10-29 under house 5  R

A shot of our Locking Tool Room.  This is the only lock in the place so far, just to keep from tempting people beyond reasonable limits.   Life as we lead it here would be IMPOSSIBLE in many places.   We are so lucky that the vast majority of folks in Fiji are so honest.

2015-10-29 under house 6  R

Still under the house – this gate keeps dogs and geese from going down to the small suite (bedroom and bathroom) for long-term family guests.

2015-10-29 under house 7  R

And I finally got a really nice spot for my twin tub washer

2015-10-29 under house 8  R

And the cement work was signed by a rooster.

*     *     *


Austin the fish

Austin the Fish – from my grandchildren in Canada.  I got the photo and the name by email and was going to put him in my blog when my daughter said, “Don’t bother, he died already.”     They got another male beta fish just like this one, but it’s another child’s turn to name it.

Isa, little Austin fish – better luck next life!

*     *     *




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