22 October 2015

2015-10-22 carrot 1  Cr

This is about the last thing I ever expected to see on the Fiji farm – in the summer, no less – after arriving home from chilly climes:  Carrot Tops.

2015-10-22 carrot 2  Cr

On top of an honest-to-God carrot!  Still a couple weeks short of full maturity.

2015-10-22 carrot 3  Cr

Tasted sweet, too.  A little green, but not bad.  This is such a change from the carrots Austin tried to grow about five years ago: stunted twisted bitter midgets.  I am delighted to know that we can actually grow our own tasty carrots here!

2015-10-22 Alarm Ducks  Cr

Ok, so this is same ole same old kind of – geese in the yard.  The difference is that they have earned a new title from son Akka –  ALARM DUCKS.  They are living up to the name – honking like crazy at 5 am… and why?

2015-10-22 Vatulele chix 1  R

We seem to have more geese going on now than ducks.   Here is a pen with 3 fat goslings and some chicks from the heritage birds from Vatulele Island.that Austin bought four months ago (see 18 June).

2015-10-22 Vatulele chix 2  Cr

I accidentally gave away some of the chicks from his breeding pair, but now he has more.  Junia tells me that Austin is hoping the color is sex-linked, but won’t know for sure until these birds hit puberty.

2015-10-22 chilli Maki  Cr

Another BIG DEAL since I’ve been gone is Junia’s Hot Sauce.   This has been going on because Junia’s been having luck growing chillies.    The one above is Maki’s chilli from Martinique.  We had a good bush and it nearly died.  Ju rescued it and we have about 10 bushes of this chilli growing on the hill below his house.

2015-10-22 chilli new 1  R

Here is a new chillie Junia is growing – it looks like “bongo” but is hotter.

2015-10-22 chilli new 2  Cr

And here is the other new chillie.  It grows standing up like our “rokete” (rocket), but is longer.   All these chilles are delicious!

2015-10-22 passion fruit lanterns  Cr

In the Curiosity Department we have these passion fruits hanging from a wire.   I have a roundabout way to get from these fruits to the fireworks that are going off almost every night.  The fruits remind me of Chinese lanterns, which should come out for Chinese New Year.  I just found out yesterday from a neighbor that Indian New Year is Diwali.  That falls on November 11, so women are already working hard on cleaning and the boy are already shooting off fireworks.  (A quick google search shows that Diwali/ Deepawail is not designated as any kind of New Year in quickly found sources – ah well. )

2015-10-22 Winky 1  Cr

Finally, a bit of a shock was Winky.  How big she has grown.  How much she looks like Inu, our dear dog who died a year and a half ago.

2015-10-22 Winky 2  Cr

Winky chawing down on a fried pig’s ear.  That’s the life.

*    *    *


2 thoughts on “22 October 2015

    • Dear Lady – we can be Jack and Mrs Sprat of the fruits. I’ll take the passion fruit and you can have all the rest! Sorry there is a taste in ’em you don’t like … but – More for Me!

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