16 October 2015

2015-10-16 Goodbye Canada Cr

GOOD-BYE, Canada.  I left on Saturday, two days after the last blog.

I changed planes in Sea-Tac airport.  I had low expectations of finding anything of interest in the airport, but I was wrong.

2015-10-16 Sea-Tac 1 R

Pet Relief – there was going to be access to the outside!   I was excited!

Instead, I got tickled….

2015-10-16 Sea-Tac 2. Crjpg

(That’s just astroturf on linoleum, if you cannot tell.)

I was headed back to Hawaii where a dear cousin was waiting to see me.   This is a lady for whom Every Day must bring a New Adventure – so for our first day together she introduced me to Oahu’s North Shore.

2015-10-16 North Shore Oahu. Rjpg

Spectacular – even in the misty rain.

There were a lot of signs up about “Keep the Country Country” – in other words, no new tourist development.   Good luck on that.

2015-10-16 Nut hut 1 R

There was an older establishment called the Tropical Nut Farm (I think) – nice little tourist place.

2015-10-16 Nut hut 2 R

We stopped because my cousin wanted to touch base with this gentleman – Chief Sielu Avea.   He is quite a local celebrity and a truly sweet and noble person.  We attended his luau performance that evening – and I have never seen better entertainment at an island event.  There was no way I was going to stop watching for the purpose of getting bad photos of it.

The following day my daughter was off work and we all went up to “Punchbowl”  I was expecting another tourist spot, and I was wrong.

2015-10-16 Punchbowl 4 R

2015-10-16 Punchbowl 1 R2015-10-16 Punchbowl 2 R

We were on a mission to find the grave of my cousin’s daughter’s mother-in-law’s father.  This is the kind of convoluted family trail that unites obviously close relatives in the Pacific.

2015-10-16 Punchbowl 3 R

Punchbowl is an immense cemetery with an immense message – all who have served in the military are to be given highest honor on their passing.

2015-10-16 Punchbowl 6 R

We learned that Mr. Hinchcliffe’s ashes were interned in a colonnade and were given the number for it.   “I wish he had brought flowers,” my cousin said.

2015-10-16 Punchbowl 5 R

As it was, we missed his plaque because of flowers.  Then we figured out the numbering system and found him.  Happy reunion and instant photos for the family back home.

2015-10-16 Leonards R

Only a half day on the last day, but my cousin found time to take me to one of Honolulu natives’ favorite spots:  Leonard’s, home of “malasadas.”   I’d never heard of malasadas before (sounds like “badly salted” in my inexpert Spanish) – but man oh man was the malasada I ate delicious!   Anyway, the point of this was to show you Leonard’s – the place with the line outside its door at 9:30 am.

Now here is what’s sad.  Of all the things I saw all over the place in Oahu, the thing that struck me as the prettiest, and I had to stop to try to get a photo of was this fellow.   Red jungle fowl.

2015-10-16 nut hut 4 Cr2015-10-16 Nut hut 3 R

I must be ready to go home.

*    *    *


4 thoughts on “16 October 2015

    • Dad mentioned that to me – as in “Why didn’t you say that it is inside a volcanic crater?” He did not like my reply, “Because I didn’t notice….” Old clueless mom – ha ha.

  1. Hawaii with their chickens!!! I really enjoyed them in Kawaii. They are nearly all very colorful and think they own the place. It sounds like you have had a great trip so far. I know it was a good break. I really need to take a relaxing vacation myself. Hope you are well. Say hello to Guy.
    Larry G

  2. I forgot you’d lived on Kauai. My 3 oldest kids lived for a few years in Lihue – and yeah, there were chickens all over the place there. I would look at them and think, “You’d make a nice snack.” (but that would have been illegal there). Keep talking vacation, Larry, until you talk yourself into buying a ticket to Fiji 🙂 And sure – I’ll send Guy a link to this blog page so he can see your Hello for himself. (What kind of blighter doesn’t even read his own mother’s blog????)

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