8 October 2015

2015-10-08 dog tired  Cr

Me, outside a Walmart …pointing at a dog.   This was my week: if you want more excitement, please look at last week.

2015-10-08 fall colors 2  R2015-10-08 fall colors 1  R


The trees are starting to turn, but I will be gone before they reach full glory.

2015-10-08 Casper 1  R


I did get up on a horse for the first time in about five years.   This loveable sluggard was making me really work for every step – good grief!   Then someone suggested I use a switch.  What an improvement!  Anyway, anybody want to guess the name of this mount?

2015-10-08 Casper 2  Cr

Casper.   Happy to finally be heading for the gate.

2015-10-08 quilt shop 1  Cr


I happened upon the lovely ‘Calico Country” shop in Lynden, Washington while my friend was getting a laptop looked at.

2015-10-08 quilt shop 3  R

Mary, the sweet proprietor, has been running this shop for over 30 years.

2015-10-08 quilt shop 2  R

And some of the quilts up would have knocked my socks off if my feet had been a little warmer.


*    *    *

SPELLING SOUTH OF THE  BORDER     (i.e. south of Canada’s border)

2015-10-08 Punkins  R

(I’d been noticing the PUNKINS every time we drove by, but it was only when I stopped to take the photo that I experienced the total disregard of Noah Webster.)

*    *    *

Happy week, everybody!

*    *    *


5 thoughts on “8 October 2015

  1. Yes fall is coming on here too. I enjoyed your comments about your horse. Casper is a good name. I also got a kick out of the dog in the back of the pickup. Cats wouldn’t do that. They would be gone looking things over. Hope you are well and the traveling has gone well.

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