1 October 2015

2015-10-01 red bush  Cr

My daughter Lua and I drove to Harper Mountain, past Kamloops (further east in British Columbia), and stopped at the Welcome Centre in Merritt, where I saw the reddest bush of my life.

2015-10-01  predatory insect  Cr

There was also a large predatory insect in the parking lot that seemed to have ingested a human.

2015-10-01 Harper Mtn 0  R


On the last weekend of September Harper Mountain is a wonderful two day meeting for some First Nations Baha’is.   Lua is not First Nations on any side of her family but we went as support crew and joined in the fellowship.  I saw and learned so much:  one important thing is that the First Nations is an ORAL CULTURE – in other words, I may tell people about my experiences and impressions, but not write about them.  So if you see me and want to know … Ask.

2015-10-01  first nations art 1  R

What I can share here is photos of some of the many handicrafts.  Oh my Lord.  This is a hand-made skin drum.  Many were in use that weekend.

2015-10-01  first nations art 2  Cr

2015-10-01  first nations art 7  R

2015-10-01  first nations art 11  R

Beautiful handmade leather pouches of various sizes.  None of these things were for sale.

2015-10-01  first nations art 10  R

Sought after carvings because the carver was a beloved elder who had since passed on.

2015-10-01  first nations art 6  R

Ceramic trivet.   . Candles,    Jewelry.

2015-10-01  first nations art 5  R

2015-10-01  first nations art 4  R

These beautiful notebook covers – I lusted after these but did not try to get them because the humid tropics would turn them to mold in a matter of weeks.

2015-10-01  first nations art 3  R

Try to get them?  you ask.  Oh yes.  They were not for sale – they were for “Silent Auction” – except that this was an auction the like of which I never saw in my life.  Each item had its own cup.  There was a big cash jar in the middle – into which one would put however much cash one felt moved to donate…. and then one could put ones name into as many cups for as many items as one liked.   The point was fund-raising on the cash jar side and generosity on the items side.

2015-10-01  first nations art 9  R

Lua came home with a basket of homemade jams, 2 blankets, a quilt, home canned salmon, a shawl, and a bathrobe for her mother-in-law.    But oh, look at these little rabbit fur booties and mittens that went elsewhere!

2015-10-01 nature walk 2  R


Child care!   This was our getaway!   Ha ha ha …. but it was fun.  I’ll show you what the kids saw on our nature walk.   The photo above was wild strawberry.

2015-10-01 nature walk 3  Cr

An aster.   The kids got really excited every time they could find something to point out to me.

2015-10-01 nature walk 4  Cr

Is this what they call Bluebells?

2015-10-01 nature walk 6  Cr

Mushrooms that push up through the soil and have big clumps of mud beside them.

2015-10-01 nature walk 5  Cr

Mossy trees.      (this is for you, Austin)

2015-10-01 nature walk 7  R

And finally at the end of the walk this yellow flower.

2015-10-01 goats 1  R


When we drove in on Friday afternoon we saw a huge herd of goats in a pen.  On Saturday morning we found out why.  The goat were set loose to eat the grass on the slopes.

2015-10-01 goats 2  Cr

They were accompanied by a cowboy and several dogs.

2015-10-01 goats 3  R

The kids and I really wanted to see the goats up close, so I walked down the road to the goat pen.  Three hundred head of goats.  Wow.   I found out from Donna (Mrs. Goat-herder)  that this is their first year at Harper Mountain.  They will stay at Harper about three more weeks and expect to return annually for 3 years.   Goats are not “a natural alternative to chemical herbicides” – they are the original herbicide.

2015-10-01 goats 4  Cr

The next day I got to meet Conrad (Mr. Goat-herder)   who told me more about their business:  Rocky Ridge Vegetation Control…. I should have been taking notes.

2015-10-01 goats 5  Cr

To me the most interesting thing of all was that they have to have a predator dog along (the white one above), whose only job is protecting the herd from coyotes and other predators.   Sheesh.  I knew sheep needed a protector – but I thought goats, with those horns, could stand up for themselves.   Surprise me.

Anyway, for anyone interested, this is their facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/RockyRidgeVegetationControl2000

*   *   *

2015-10-01 chipmunk  Cr

And finally we had this little visitor just a few feet away from where we were doing crafts with the kids.   Alvin!

*   *   *




2 thoughts on “1 October 2015

  1. By the way – Lua’s comment after the blog was done was “You should have gotten a photo of the mushrooms with the dung” Dung? “Yeah, they push up through horse dung.” Oh…. so that’s what the mud was beside all the two clumps of mushrooms I saw…..

  2. I enjoyed your edition. The smart car has eaten a lot of people in Italy. I was amazed at all the very small cars there. I think the red bush is a azalea bush. All the pictures were great; lots of pretty country and plants and animals. Keep up the good work Kim. LG

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