24 September 2015

2015-09-24 1st day fall produce  Cr

Happy Autumn Equinox from Canada – though it was the Vernal Equinox back home.  In Fiji I’d have a photo of some rain Austin tells me finally showed up – but here in the Pacific northwest are these beautiful squashes that we never see in the tropics.

2015-09-24 prep for Halloween  Cr

And of course with only five more shopping weeks until Halloween, there are decorated little pumpkins for sale.  (I hope this never catches on in Fiji.)

Ok, now for the big, the ONLY flora and fauna excitement of the week….


Before we start, l’d like to remind you of the Animals Fiji – the rescue and care centre in Nadi – where I got our cats neutered a year and a half ago.

4-10-14 Animal Clinic victims  R

This is Rakesh with our cats in sacks.   I wish I’d gotten a longer view of the front.  It was simple and pleasant.

2015-09-24 Kauai ASPCA - googleimage

So here is a stock photo of the SPCA building in Kauai, Hawaii where some of my kids used to live.  We would go there to play with the kitties.  The place, you can see, is a palace.

I was wondering where on this modest-to-majestic continuum Abbotsford’s SPCA would fit – serving a large population of 124,000 humans or so.

2015-09-24 SPCA front  R

Answer – on the modest side.  Ok.  So long as they take good care of the animals, modest is ok.   And they do.

We went there because the SPCA accepts used stuffed toys for the animals, and we also had a big tub of bedding to donate.   While there we got permission for a look-see.

2015-09-24 SPCA donation closet  R

Yep, here was a toy closet.  There’s room for more!

2015-09-24 SPCA only kittens  Cr

The kind workers told us that the facility is at capacity now for cats, but these were the only kittens we saw.   Totally unlike Fiji and Kauai.  Their neutering program must REALLY work here!

2015-09-24 SPCA Buddy 1  R

We met Buddy … he looks so much like my cat Teddy, and really loves to be petted.

2015-09-24 SPCA Buddy 2  R

But I have no idea what this note on his ID page is about.  “Frustrated 2” ??

2015-09-24 SPCA black cat  Cr

We didn’t see many more cats – just a few black ones.  Was I ever surprised to find out from my daughter that shelters won’t let black cats be adopted in October so that they are not abused on Halloween or abandoned right after.  UGH!  So unfair.   And this cat is so beautiful!

Anyhow – the bunnies were out of sight.  The finches had been sent to Vancouver, a community with more apartment dwellers who want birds.   So daughter, granddaughter and I headed off to see the dogs.   There were only four.

2015-09-24 SPCA Duncan  R

Duncan – a beautiful golden retriever/ labrador mix.  Such a friendly and hopeful-looking dog. A cute little shitzu, and a large leatherback something named Aero I forgot to immortalize.

2015-09-24 SPCA Edgar  R

Then there was  a huge doberman / rotweiller mix named Edgar.   Wow what an impressive hunk of canine.

2015-09-24 SPCA Edgar  Cr

Edgar came with this warning.   I could not believe these great dogs were just sitting in the shelter!  All of them would be adopted within 48 hours in Fiji, easily.

That was it.  We left …. but for the next half hour my daughter and I had to listen to her two year old repeating,  “Poor Dunan …. Poor Duncan ….. Poor Duncan …..Poor Duncan …..Poor Duncan …..”  (you get the idea)

*    *    *

For anyone who needs some excitement in their life – we saw this sign today at the bank

2015-09-24  excitement in Lynden  Cr

Yep, a Cemetery Walk.   Be still, my heart.

*    *    *

2015-09-24 Duncan 2 cr

Poor Duncan …..

*    *    *





5 thoughts on “24 September 2015

    • Thanks, Larry! It’s hard for me to feel I have anything to write about when I’m off the farm, so the encouragement is a big help. This week (I’m working on it right now) felt considerably more eventful – though I don’t know how much that will translate into interest or readability….

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