17 September 2015

2015-09-17 MLake waterlily 1  R

Just as Spinal Tap was touted as “one of England’s loudest bands,” I’m afraid this site may be praised as “one of WordPress’s most WEEKLY blogs”  Yes it is another week, and here is another blog.

Up first is a water lily blooming in September.

2015-09-17 MLake waterlily 2  R

In a pond that would inspire Monet.

This was at Mill Lake Park … and we were having such a pleasant walk, until we rounded a corner and I saw THIS

2015-09-17 A.gladulosa 1  R

Alanthis gladulosa – the most despised plant of my childhood. It was an invasive species that took over our bit of mountain in North Carolina, and when cut smelled like rotting pizza.

2015-09-17 A.gladulosa 2  R

After spending hundreds of 1960’s dollars to get rid of it, we were on the other side of the United States with Dad’s brother on the West Coast.  He proudly showed off a newly acquired plant in his garden.  It was THIS tree, but he called it “Tree of Heaven.”   (That could put anybody off religion!)

So anyhow – that is the grand total I had for the week, so my daughter Lua gave me the grand tour of her tea towel sized back yard.

2015-09-17 LG pumpkin 1  R

She proudly displayed her pumpkins.  (I thought they looked kind of peaky until she made the introduction.)   These were volunteer pumpkins from her compost heap – and her mother-in-law told her this is an excellent variety.

2015-09-17 LG pumpkin 1  Cr

With very thick and tasty flesh.

2015-09-17 LG pumpkin 2  R

And, surprise to me,  there was a second volunteer pumpkin species growing there.  Farmer Dad may be impressed.

2015-09-17 LG rhododendron  R

Next up – her rhododendron.  “It’s pretty in the spring”

2015-09-17 LG fig leaf  R

Then – a young fig tree.   Off-the-rack apparel ready for Adam.

2015-09-17 LG rosemary and sage  Cr

Herbs ready to roll:  rosemary and sage-that-doesn’t-know-when-to-quit.

2015-09-17 LG ornamental maple 1  R

Ornamental maple … this IS Canada, after all.

2015-09-17 LG ornamental maple 2  R

A dwarf variety, with a curious two year old.

2015-09-17 LG spooky forest  R

Finally, a cypress hedge that serves as “Spooky Forest” for the toddler’s elders (ages 5 and 7).   I’d forgotten the imaginative pleasures of shady hidey-holes.

All plants – no animals – do I hear you complain?   Well this just came in my daughter’s email – in all bold – today (no kidding)

Dear Parents,


At 1:30 p.m. today there was a report of a bear at Marshall Road and Whatcom Road.  The students had finished lunch play and are now remaining inside for the afternoon.


Bus students will wait in the gym and car pick up students will be waiting at the ‘island’.  If you normally pick up by walking please come to the classroom door.  If your child usually walks home please call the school to let us know how your child will be picked up.


Thank you,

*    *    *

Compare it to the excitement from back on the farm.  Two photos Akka sent for the blog.

2015-09-17 farm moth 1  Cr

Moth 1

2015-09-17 farm moth 2  Cr

and Moth 2.   Whee.

*    *    *

3 thoughts on “17 September 2015

  1. What does rotting pizza smell like?! I can’t really imagine… having always eaten mine…and if not all in one sitting, any leftovers always disappeared the never next day.

    Hurraaaah for weekly blogs! I’m sticking to erratic. Sigh.

    • Come to think of it, we’ve never had pizza leftovers either – but the “rotting pizza” was meant to be more evocative than clinical. My daughter has smelt hewn Alanthis and she agrees with my description – phew!

      (God only knows what I’ll find to write about by next Wednesday night…. And one erratic blog from you is worth my entire stack of my weeklies – but I was much more entertained when your “erratic” was more frequent.)

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