10 September 2015

2015-09-10 Leo on a box  Cr

Lazy is our life on vacation.  This is Leo, hanging with me one evening.

2015-09-10 fruitfly trap 1  R

News from the house is that daughter Lua perfected a Fruit Fly Trap.

2015-09-10 fruitfly trap 2  R

Fruit juice plus Apple Cider Vinegar plus a bit of dish soap.  Since this photo was taken the buggers multiplied like crazy and we caught 3 traps full today.  Ere long the cold weather will come and this will be a memory.

The main item for this week is …. we took the kids to …


What a nice zoo!    Near the entrance is this poem.

2015-09-10 zoo water poem  R

“Mere Water Am I”    (I will print the words of this lovely poem if anyone would like,)

2015-09-10 zoo wheels Cr

Kids are allowed to ride their bikes in this zoo.   What an improvement over the zoos where we were having to drag our tired kids around under “No Bicycles, No Pets” signs.   Also surreys for rent!

\2015-09-10 zoo raptor 1  Cr

Anyhow, we headed straight to my favorite feature – the Raptor Show.

2015-09-10 zoo raptor 2  Cr

Where a Chris Pratt inspired falconer did his routine with these amazing birds.

2015-09-10 zoo raptor 3  Cr

They are free to fly away.  They usually come back because home is where the food is easy … but sometimes they do go off on an adventure and so they are radio-tagged.

2015-09-10 zoo hippo feeding  Cr

We also were in time for the Hippo Feeding.    Never did get a good photo of them with mouths open – but, man, did I learn a lot.  These two weigh 4700 pounds and about 4000 pounds.   They can grow up to 6000 pounds plus.   This is on a vegan diet!   Sheesh!   They are VERY territorial … and if I heard the handler correctly, they can run up to 56 km/hour….  ok, google says 30 km/hour on land.  Either way – 4700 pounds of hippo going 30 km/hour!   Good Lord!

2015-09-10 zoo bald eagle  Cr

My first ever Bald Eagle.   I was really surprised – it is a huge bird!   This one is flightless because of injuries in the wild.

2015-09-10 zoo Holy Crap 2  R

In the Vivarium……  good grief, Monty Python!   (At the end, I will post a special gift from the Vivarium for my most special person.  But first – back to the great out of doors.)

2015-09-10 zoo grizzly 2  Cr

Sawed tree?   Why that?, you ask.

2015-09-10 zoo grizzly 2  R

It is in here.   Why?, you ask again.   You have clearly forgotten about the big Wind Storm I told you about last week.  (I had forgotten, too, until I came here.)

2015-09-10 zoo grizzly 1  Cr

THIS was the Grizzly Bear pen.   And the wind blew down the tree, that broke the fence, that let the grizzly bear escape.   So during the windstorm, everybody – including my daughter’s friend and her kids – got evacuated into a building and basically locked in a room for 20-30 minutes until it was considered safe enough that they could be escorted to their vehicles.

They did catch that grizzly, and he is, according to the Greater Vancouver Zoo Facebook Page, happily reunited with his pen.


My question is …. Who is THIS GUY – the star of an email my daughter got from her kids’ school just this affernoon?

Dear Parents,

We have had reports of a bear in the yards of our neighbours within the last half hour.  The conservation officer will be setting up a bear trap on Mountain Drive.

For dismissal today, we will keep the children close to the school and as parents pull up we will make sure the child will get to the car safely.

Bus students will stay inside the school until the bus arrives.

We have an Abbotsford Police Officer on site until all children have left the premises….

Thank you,

Yogi?  Boo Boo?

*   *   *

2015-09-10 zoo hissing cockroach  R

Finally, for my sweet sweet hubby – your very own Madagascar Hissing Cockroach – the only one you get to keep.  If you ever bring something like this home again, I will flush it down the toilet again.  Miss you!

*   *   *

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