3 September 2015

2015-09-04 traveling  Cr

Well, as you know if you read last week, I am not on the farm.  I’m travelling.  Above you can see the rolling backpack I’ve used for transporting all my stuff for 5 weeks away.  Last week I talked about a lot of people.   This week starts off with a lot of WEATHER.

Hawaii had been having a drought just like we’d been having in Fiji.   After I was there a few days, guess what:   Rain.   Plenty rain.

2015-09-04 flood in HNL 2  R


Then – off to Vancouver to my other daughter’s place.   Twenty-four hours after a freak WINDSTORM.

Power still out in some places between the airport and her house.

2015-09-04 windstorm in BC 4  R

Take this large willow branch as proof.   Whew!    Like a banana typhoon – in the wrong part of the Pacific.

2015-09-04 fruit shopping 1  R

Second day here she took me to a lovely store on a farm that sells mostly local produce.   I was really surprised at the volume of fruits she was bringing home.

These are fruits I can only dream of when I’m in Fiji:

2015-09-04 fruit shopping 5  R


2015-09-04 fruit shopping 6  R


These must not travel well, because we never see them.  It’s been years since I had a fresh peach!

*    *    *


2015-09-04 avocado flower  Cr

The avocado tree is making flowers.  Akka sent me this photo.  Woot woot – I guess we may be getting our own avocados soon.

*    *    *


I just got this news in an email from Austin yesterday:

Dear friends,
Attached is the link to the latest “Happy Chicken” report  for both the UK and worldwide Global Giving sites we are really getting places now, and on very little funding.  We have put in several proposals and are waiting on the outcome.
The connection between small-scale community poultry farming and healthy coral reefs makes so much sense as an alternative protein source and implemented as a reward to fishing communities setting aside or supporting no-take MPAs.  While so much talk goes to sustainable alternative livelihoods, we are finally walking our talk!
Please share the report far and wide in your networks.
For “GlobalGiving” site, your project report is located at:  http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/happy-chickens-for-food-security-and-environment-1/updates/
For “GlobalGiving UK” site, Your project report is located at:  http://www.globalgiving.co.uk/pr/20100/proj20071d.html
*    *    *
Finally – just so we have a bit of fauna in the news…. I want to show you the cause of  screams of horror from the kitchen here in Canada.
2015-09-04 horror in Lua sink  Cr
They think that spider’s big.
*    *    *


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    • Thanks, Joyce. I feel as if my blog could be called “a most consistent blog” as praise,, right up there with that of Spinal Tap as “America’s loudest band.” (but of course, their amps go up to 11).

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