13 August 2015

2015-08-13 pearl dragon bud R

Edible cactus tree (opuntia) bud.  We’ve seen a couple of withered flowers, but not caught one in full glory.  We are starting to think it is a night bloomer.  If I catch it, I will share it.

2015-08-13 Fort Feed Co  R


Now for a tall tale that is a true one.   Austin needed to buy some feed while we are in Suva.   Rather going to trusty old Pacific Feeds in Lami, he went to a different place in Nausori.  (Both of these are suburbs of Suva in opposite directions.)   This place has a pair of gates, the inner one with a sentry post.  Austin had to sign his name to a sheet, and was given an orange vest to wear to show that he was a visitor.   While I waited patiently in the truck, I noticed the dense gathering of birds atop the fort; I assume they were waiting for grain spillage.

2015-08-13 Fort Feed Co  Cr

I checked the photo as Austin arrived, and saw that the birds were out of focus.  So I got out of the truck to get a better photo …. when the sentry came to me and told me “Taking pictures is not allowed.”   Not allowed!  Of a chicken food factory!   ha ha ha ha ha.

2015-08-13 Happy chicken 2  R


This is why Austin needed the chicken food in Suva: to give to a gentleman who just received a batch of happy chickens.

2015-08-13 Happy chicken 3  R

The gent is a chief from Kadavu Island, the island where they set up the first permanent no-take area/marine park.  Austin had wanted to reward this place with the chicken project and was exceedingly happy to find that the chief, who he has known for 16 years, was visiting Nausori.

2015-08-13 Happy chicken 1  R

So Austin have him about six dozen chicks, a bag of feed and instructions for how to build the pen and care for the chicks.

2015-08-13 curiosiy  Cr


We don’t have traffic jams in Sigatoka, but cars do get backed up around Suva pretty often.  Stuck for a few minutes returning from the happy chicken run, Austin noticed these white things.   What are they?    Ideas, anybody?

2015-08-13 Monica middleman 0  R


My enterprising daughter-in-law heard that cabbages were selling for $10/sack and so she decided to buy a few bags to send with a relative back to Lautoka, to start a vegetable stall business there.   We drove to a big field beside the river, but the proprietor wanted $15/sack.   The $10 cabbages were ACROSS the river.

2015-08-13 Monica middle man 1  R

So we drove down to the river’s edge.   The river is low and trucks routinely drive across.   But I had not done it and was feeling cowardly.   So in this photo you see Monica, her aunty and several guides wading across.

2015-08-13 Monica middleman 2  R

I just stayed in the truck, watched the wildlife, and kept thinking how I should have brought a book.   But, guess what – the middle-manning was huge success!   They got a $50 profit from $65 of vegetables.   No doubt this will be happening again.

2015-08-13 flyer 1  R


In our post office box in Suva.   I know!  I know!   It seems too good to be true!

2015-08-13 flyer 2  R

And THIS one can even fix family arguments and get your husband back from another woman.   (I wonder if there are any poisons involved?)

*    *    *

Have a happy week, everybody!

*    *    *

4 thoughts on “13 August 2015

  1. Hi Kim..wonderful to read your blog. Regarding those white objects… could it be spires for a temple being built nearby?

    • Hi Joyce, good guess, though I didn’t notice any temples being constructed. Your brother’s guess was little Klansman getting ready for a rally …. I like yours MUCH better!

  2. “And THIS one can even fix family arguments and get your husband back from another woman. (I wonder if there are any poisons involved?)”

    …probably… after all, it says nothing about getting him back ALIVE, does it?! 😉

    • Oh Simone – you’ve got to know that I thought of you immediately when I saw these flyers. I knew you, of all my peeps, would appreciate the opportunities presented. Who can decline an offer to fix both “children mistakes” and “politics,” or “remove & witchcraft” ?

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