23 July 2015

2015-07-23 trail 1  R

Some guests (Rom, Kate and Bill) wanted to climb the nearby mountain and I thought I’d go along.  It was earlier in the morning than the first time I went, and it is winter and cooler now.

2015-07-23 cow 1  R

I saw a cow.

2015-07-23 trail 5  Cr

Rom saw this still-alive tree with most of the heart eaten out, which led to a discussion of redwoods and the like.    I glanced over and Kate was eating a passion fruit she found lying on the ground.

2015-07-23 trail 2 R

And then Monica had picked up a mandarin and was eating that.   Believe me, there were no fruits strewn in our path the last time I climbed this hill.

2015-07-23 trail 3  R

We got to the part where the waterfall would be if the creek were running and sat a bit as Rom investigated a tree stump.

Truth be told, about halfway up the mountain I’d had enough.  I remembered how hard getting back was for me the first time.   I’m not going up again unless I leave at 6 am, so it is still really cool on the descent.   So anyway, quitter that I am, I turned around.

2015-07-23 cow 2  R

There were more cows.

2015-07-23 cow 4  Cr

And more!   See how they are looking at me.  There were 27 or 28 in all and at one point about 20 of them were looking at me …. as if I might have food for them or something.  It was so funny.

2015-07-23 cow 5  R

Finally they filed their way up the hill.  As it was the whole herd moving, I expected to see a small boy behind them all.  But no – it was just the cows deciding on their own to go elsewhere.

2015-07-23 cow 6  Cr

Finally, when I was almost home, I found this calf all alone in some brush.  Knowing some of you go for baby pictures, I tried to get a photo.

2015-07-23 goat silhouette  Cr

Later that day Austin and I went to our Muslim neighbors house to wish them a happy Eid and take them their puppy.   Their goats popped their heads up to see what was going on.

2015-07-23 silhouette birds  Cr

As we walked home together, Austin pointed out this tree with the lichens and birds.  He mentioned that the lichens can be used to produce a purple dye.

2015-07-23 new orchid 1  R

Akka came home with a gorgeous orchid he bought in town.

2015-07-23 new orchid 2  Cr

This is the name of it.

And to finish up the week, Austin and I went to Suva.  We delivered another puppy to friends, and they had this WEIRD PLANT in the yard.

2015-07-23 strange plant 1  R

Weird!   I thought the one that could grow roots from its leaves a few weeks ago was weird, but this one is growing little cabbages.

2015-07-23 strange plant 2  Cr

Cabbages with their own roots!

What next?

*   *   *

May you all have a happy week.

*   *   *

3 thoughts on “23 July 2015

  1. I enjoyed the pictures this time. Especially the goats looking down the hill. Goats are funny anyway, and have pretty distinct personalities. The little cabbages, I would call cactus, but maybe they are a specific cabbage that we don’t have here. Sorta like a hen and chickens. The orchid is great, and the cows look like they are ready for dinner. Hope you are doing well. I’m getting more interested in coming to visit sometime. Larry

    • It probably is some kind of cactus, Larry. I just called them “cabbages” because of the shape. I’m thinking that other weird plant with the roots from the leaves is some kind of cactus, too. I’m so happy you enjoyed the cows and the goats. And as for your visit, if you just keep talking about it, I’m going to start mentioning how my family is from Missouri (the “show me” state) : ) Who’d have thought sitting next to each other randomly on one red-eye flight would result in a friendship across so many continents and years?!

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