16 July 2015

Ju and starfruit  Cr

The starfruit tree is overproducing again.  Even when I take sacks of it to my neighbors, there is still more of it than we can use.  One family member sliced a heap to dry on this tray and turn into pickles.

But honestly, I didn’t look much at Flora or Fauna this week because we just had an “older generation” ….


Unlike the one with our kids that we try to do every five years – this was a first one ever! So to commemorate it, I got each visitor to select the plant or animal of choice for the Official Photo.

Richard and mountain  R

Eldest brother Richard didn’t want either plant or animal – he chose MOUNTAIN.   That’s his prerogative.  Solid, stable, enduring.

rConnor on horse  R

His grandson Connor chose RYU, our horse.  (the name means “dragon” in Japanese) Connor and Ryu went galloping down the driveway.  They parted company when Connor thought they’d come back and Ryu didn’t.  At high speed.  (Ah youth!  A long scrape is quickly dismissed as “not as bad as the ones I get long-boarding”)

Jace and Gosling  Cr

Older sister Celery bonded with a GOSLING, so there was no question of who she was going to choose.   That gosling imprinted on her and loves her dearly.

Jack and grass  R

Little brother Jack really surprised me … he went for some interesting GRASSES.  I have never known anyone to be interested in our grass before.  It must be the rancher in him.

Joyce and Lee and flora  Cr

Baby sister Joyce and her husband Lee.  Lee is holding MANDARINS from our tree  – he said he’d eated a bushel of them.   Joyce is holding the flowers called “YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW”   They are a winter flower she had not seen on other visits to Fiji – and she loves them.

Lee3 in Soursop tree  R

Their son Lee3, up in a SOURSOP tree.   He had soursop on his first day here, declared it his favorite fruit ever.

soursop images

Our tree was out of fruit by then, so here is a stock photo.

rGabi and cassava  R

And Lee3’s girfriend Gabi with her favorite:  CASSAVA .  She is holding a sad example of a cassava root and standing in front of a cassava plant.  By the time I got around to photo taking, we had already eaten all the impressive cassava that had been dug up.  Cassava (a.k.a. tapioca, manioc, yuca) is our very versatile root crop that appeared at almost every meal.  I’m glad Gabi enjoyed it so much.

Whole family  R

Here is the whole lot of us, gathered around our beloved matriarch, and admiring my handsome grandson.

But, wait!   Someone is missing!    Oh yes, our photographer.

Ju and starfruit  R

*    *    *



4 thoughts on “16 July 2015

  1. Kim, what a nice group of family and great idea to keep everyone involved. I really need to make a trip to visit sometime.

  2. Great that she had this visit before she left this earth. Almost like closure to her life. She saw her kids and must have been very happy.

    • I think she was happy, and fulfilled. We’d kept her going for a few years by looking forward to the next visit of some relative, and THIS group just could not be beat. It was the best of the best. When the last one left, Beamer as quick to follow.

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