9 July 2015

2015-07-09 wall dog  R

Dog on a wall – a high wall – in Suva. This dog paces the wall by day, and had stopped for a moment waiting for the neighbor to give him his regular morning treat, a hunk of flatbread (roti).


Remember the weird plant from a couple weeks ago that had the strange flowers I’d never seen before and leaves that Austin said grew roots out of the spots?   Well, Monica wanted to see for herself, so she pressed three leaves in a book for a week.

2015-07-09 weird leaf 1  R


2015-07-09 weird leaf 2  R

Kind of like cactus – don’t you think?


Austin looked down and saw our neighbors picking okra (bindi) in the field across the road – and so grabbed my camera to take a photo.

2015-07-09 bindi 1 R

He was inspired to do this because Akka had bought a hill of okra for $10 (US$ 6).

2015-07-09 bindi 2  R

And sister-in-law Joyce  was sorting it.   If I had the right camera it might have been possible to get both scenes in one photo: it was kind of cute with the sorting at the kitchen table in the foreground and farmers in the field in the background.   I had no intention of going into the field.

2015-07-09 bindi 3  R

That farmer told me the day before that he had something I really wanted to see, and he was in the field all day, so I ended up walking over a weed-blanketed very uneven fallow field into the okra patch to ask my neighbor about that other thing.   Here he is up to his armpits in okra plants.   He was quickly grabbing okra pods with one gloved hand while chatting away on his phone with the other.

2015-07-09 bindi 4  R-marked

I’ve circled an okra pod with yellow here so you can see what it looks like and how you’d have to really develop “an eye” to see them!    When he finished his call, he told me he had sold FORTY bags of bindi (okra) that morning for $800, and they’d picked another thirteen bags so far this day.

2015-07-09 bindi 5  R

These are two bags.  Huge feed sacks.  Anyway, I’m so happy that our neighbors are seeing some profit from farming.  It’s about time.

2015-07-09 kids 1  Cr


This is what I wanted to see – the baby goats.   Aw.   They are about a week old.   I took this photo on zoom…. could not induce the kids to get any closer.

2015-07-09 kids 2  Cr

I want to hold them and pet them, before their little horns sprout.

2015-07-09 kids 3   Cr

Oh well, they’ve gone back to their mama.  Maybe we’ll get our own nanny goat someday and then I can play with the kids.

2015-07-09 final puppy update  Cr


This will be my last puppy update; they are going to their forever homes now.  These friends chose my favorite one – dang it all – but they have taken puppies of ours before and they provide an EXCELLENT home, so I guess I’m happy.

*    *    *

Family reunion of the odder – I mean older –  generation  this week.  So next week I hope to have another “reunion special”    Fun!

*    *    *

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