2 July 2015

2015-07-02 Kiki cold  R

This blog is about flora and fauna, not about the weather, so I’m not going to say a word about the temperature.

2015-07-02 Kiki cold 2  R

Not. One. Word.

2015-07-02 turmeric  Cr

But get a load of this turmeric that Akka or Junia dug up this week on our property.  There was a bucket full of it, all soaking in the laundry sink.  We are using a lot of fresh turmeric right now, in herb teas, in cooking, and even grated raw in salads.


Lee3, my nephew, and his friend Gabi are visiting, and I put my camera in their willing hands and they collected seventy-eight shots of which these are my favorites.

2015-07-02 Lee3 and horse  R

Lee3 with horse.

2015-07-02 Gabby and pandanus  Cr

Gabi with a pandanus tree at the beach.  I’m pretty sure she had no idea what that tree was.

2015-07-02 skink in a teacup  R

They led off with a skink in a cup.  (We run such a classy establishment!)

2015-07-02 bougainvillea blossom  R

A single bougainvillea blossom.  Maybe they had never looked closely at bougainvillea before.

2015-07-02 oregano leaf  R

Here is an oregano leaf.   It grows in front of our house and no one local uses it for seasoning because they use it for medicine.  Basil, too.   ( I’m trying to think of a “medicine flavor” that I wouldn’t eat, but I’m drawing a blank. )

2015-07-02 breadfruit.  R jpg

Young breadfruit, also right in front of our house.  I’m betting the kids had no idea what those are.  It’s a starchy vegetable that grows on trees, and the staple food of the Chuukese diet.   I LOVE breadfruit.

2015-07-02 poets butt  R

They also got this flower – a very large representative of its species – I only know it by its Spanish name “culo de poeta”  (poet’s butt).   ( And Gabi was holding it … eewww !!!  ha ha )

2015-07-02 birdie Cr

Some inanimate fauna ….  Akka’s new birdie – he got a badminton set and they were trying it out.

2015-07-02 sweetie pie hanging out  R

And Sweetie Pie the stuffed bear, hanging out on the clothesline.

2015-07-02 no clue  R


Wherein they found this floral item that stumped me.  So I asked Dr. Know-it-all and he says it is the seed casing for a hot bean.  That probably doesn’t help you much, but now I know what it is.     I think I’ve never shown you hot bean, so I will try to do that soon.

2015-07-02 upright driftwood R

Next is this terrific shot of driftwood.   It fooled Austin!  He thought it was a tree in severe beach erosion – but he was WRONG (for a change) …. This is a whole tree that drifted in and somebody sat upright !    Ha ha ha.

2015-07-02 uberweird driftwood  R

And this super-weird piece of driftwood is a bit of bamboo root.  (I had to ask…)

2015-07-02 kite surfer  Cr

But the neatest thing they saw was KITE SURFERS.   This is something new at Ludi’s beach.

2015-07-02 kite surfer 2  R

Looks fun.

2015-07-02 kite surfer 3  Cr

Whee !!

And finally, I told them I’d need a Puppy Update.   This was my favorite.

2015-07-02 puppy  R

*    *    *

Have a happy week, Everybody.

*    *    *

2 thoughts on “2 July 2015

  1. Pretty fun edition Kim. You had from “Hide and Seek” to parasailing. I especially liked seeing the bamboo root. One of my neighbors foolishly planted some in the yard. They had to dig a swimming pool size hole to get rid of it. It was taking over everything. The puppy has really grown. I hope he doesn’t have his head stuck. Oh I forgot about badminton. That used to be one of our favorite pastimes when we were growing up. Hope you are doing well. It’s hot here today. 102F.

  2. Hi Larry, that wasn’t hide and seek – it was watching TV on our veranda where the screen and the living room and the kitchen is. That’s how you watch in comfort when it is 11 degrees (52 F) out.

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