25 June 2015

2015-06-25 milking time  R

This morning during my walk I saw my neighbor out with her cow.  It was only after I took the photo that I realized someone was with her at the time and was squatting down milking the cow.   Of all my years here in the countryside, this is the first time I’ve seen a cow being milked … actually in my whole life, come to think of it!   Maybe some day I’ll go and ask to give it a try!

2015-06-25 Nika-s bug 1  R


My sweet daughter-in-law keeps her eyes out for plants and animals of interest.  She stuck this teensy little bug in a jar with a wad of tissue for me.

2015-06-25 Nika-s bug 1 Cr

What a weirdo!

2015-06-25 Nika-s bug 2  Cr

Like a land lobster and so, so tiny!

2015-06-25 gimpy goose  R


There are a pair of female geese that hang out in the yard.  Unfortunately this one has a bad wing and she’s kind of lopsided all over.   Austin told me this morning that another goose is hatching and that it is another female, darn it all.  We have nothing against females, just that we do not have enough males.  We need mating pairs – and two females do not a “mating pair” make.

2015-06-25 hatching helper R-marked

While I’m on poultry, I’d just like to mention that the gizmo in the circle on the incubator had made a HUGE improvement in Austin’s hatch rate – from less than 60% to about 75%.  It is a humidity indicator, since the one on the cheaply made incubator never worked properly.  Hooray for better hatches!

2015-06-25 from pond 2 pond 6  R


The lack of rain drove Austin and Junia to the point of having to carry out a fish rescue operation.   But the first thing I noticed …

2015-06-25 from pond 2 pond  a  Cr

… were these huge holes in the side of the dried up pond.  What the heck?

2015-06-25 from pond 2 pond b  R

I guess this must be the explanation.  But what is Po Dog going for?

2015-06-25 from pond 2 pond 1  R

Okay, so Austin is shin-deep in mud and has a net and is trying to scoop the fish up.

2015-06-25 from pond 2 pond 2  R

Not good enough, so he has Junia slapping the water with a stick to drive them to his end of the puddle.

2015-06-25 from pond 2 pond 5  R

By and by they have 4 buckets of fish…

2015-06-25 from pond 2 pond 3 R

and start to hump them over to the deeper pond.

2015-06-25 from pond 2 pond 7  R

I’m guessing it is about 100 yards away – but getting there is not like walking on a manicured and flat football field.  This is the stretch in the dry creek bed.

2015-06-25 from pond 2 pond 8  R

Here is the deeper pond, the bank is maybe five meters above the creek bed.  When Austin had the digger here to make this pond, they dug into the water table.   Lucky for the fish!

2015-06-25 from pond 2 pond 9  R

The bucket sits in the water for a little while and then a bit of water is mixed so the fish can adjust to any change of temperature, and then the fish get to swim into their new home.

2015-06-25 wild pumpkin 1 R


At the new pond I saw this pumpkin gone wild – fruiting where no one had planted it or expected it.  Charming, methought.

2015-06-25 wild pumpkin 2  Cr

And then walking up from the new pond, I came upon this other unplanned pumpkin – all collapsed in on itself.   If only we’d known, it could have at least been chicken food.

And now – for those who are interested….

2015-06-25 puppies week four 2 Cr


I think they are all spoken for and have homes to go to.    I’m trying not to get too sweet on any of them.

*    *    *

Have a happy week, Everybody.

*    *    *


3 thoughts on “25 June 2015

  1. Well Kim; some interesting things this time. Let’s start with the little Scorpion looking animal, then the fish, the hurting up pond, the stranges holes to the little pup. They are all very interesting. I didn’t know you were having such a dry summer. Hope things are well for all of you. LG

    • I know – what a surprise. Lots of times I think it has been a really boring week until i pull the card out of the camera. We are well and hope all is well with you, too. Kim

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