11 June 2015

2015-06-11 cocoa pods  Cr

This is a happy sight: a bowl of cocoa pods.  I hope this week Akka will process these into “hot cocoa.”  If so, I’ll try to document the process.

Akka came home all excited about a new hibiscus flower he saw at the neighbor’s at the beginning of our road.

2015-06-11 new hibiscus  R

Here it is.   Yellow borders on creamy petals with brilliant red in the middle.

Austin saw it and wants it, too.  He talked to our friend, the owner of the flower, who lives right down by the temple and the main road.

2015-06-11 new hibiscus 2  R

“Take the flower off, or someone might see it and steal your plant!    Don’t let it show flowers again until it is a big bush!”

We’ll see how that goes, and see if the bush survives long enough to give us a cutting.

2015-06-11 chayote 1  R

More in the flora department is this strange white fleshy vegetable that someone brought home from the market last week.   Austin says it is “chayote” that we used to have in Puerto Rico, and that Cesar used to put in his sancocho.   To be honest, I don’t remember it.

2015-06-11 chayote 2  R

Thing is – this one was hanging around and nobody used it, and so it started sprouting.  This is the first time we’ve seen a sprout like this growing out of a fleshy vegetable.

2015-06-11 leaf bug 1  R

Monica got all excited about this Flora-Fauna … it is a “leaf insect” or “leaf-hopper” (related to grasshopper).    She put it in a jar to save it for me.

When it spreads its sides down and puts its antennae together, it looks just lie a leaf with a stem.

2015-06-11 leaf bug 2  Cr

I couldn’t capture a photo of that.   But you can see how leaf-like he looks, even from the side.

2015-06-11 Fiji hawk Cr

Fiji hawk on the power line in front of my kitchen sink.   Yeah, it’s grainy – but I’ll keep trying.

And now …. what you have all been waiting for.


2015-06-11 pups all 8  R

Here is the tangle of the eight of them.   They are in an area bordered with paint cans and an ice chest, as one wandered off and got lost from the last location.

2015-06-11 pups two black  R

The eyes are just beginning to open.  Here are Austin’s favorites – a boy and a girl.   He is talking about keeping the girl.  I knew this was coming!

*    *    *


5 thoughts on “11 June 2015

    • Hi Ophelie! Getting bigger and cuter every week. I’m just now finishing up the blog for this week with another few photos of them. And yes- we will be so happy to have you and your dear friends back again as well.

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