4 June 2015

2015-06-04  parrotfish 2 R

Guess who came to dinner.

2015-06-04 parrotfish 1  R

Austin picked up this beautiful parrot fish (and his kindred in the sink behind him) in the market last week.   Cooked in a big soup with very rich coconut cream – yum, yum, yum!

This also is a good intro to the venue that caught my interest most this week:  THE AQUARIUM.  (“How is this a good intro?” asks Austin.  “Because the aquarium is for FISH,” I reply.)

2015-06-04 aquabele 1 R

This is the young leaf of a bele plant (that is “tree spinach”).  that someone threw into the tank several weeks ago – Austin thinks maybe he put it in for fish food.  The leaf should be gone or at least decomposing..

2015-06-04 aquabele 2  R

Instead it is growing roots!   A leaf !

2015-06-04 aquabele n friend Cr

Providing something of interest to the little fishy inhabitants.

They need stuff to keep them entertained in their confinement. Maybe they are interested in the baby snails.  There are 10 or so of them, though the tank was started with only 3 adult snails.

2015-06-04 baby aquasnail 22015-06-04 baby aquasnail 1

Here are two of the baby snails with the small gravel providing perspective. ….

But wait – in the aquarium there is more!   But first we have to go outside.

2015-06-04 explo-seed 1  Cr

This unassuming pale purple flower lives in the front of the house.

2015-06-04 explo-seed 2  R

It has these plain looking seed pods.

2015-06-04 explo-seed 3  Cr

Here they are in Akka’s hand.  The very entertaining thing about these seeds is that they explode a few seconds after getting wet.   You’ve seen the “fireworks” in A Bug’s Life – it’s like that with these seeds.

So what does it have to do with the aquarium?   Some visiting kids threw exploding seed pods into the aquarium a few weeks ago…. and TA DA …..

2015-06-04 explo-seed 4  Cr

We have a ball of “exploding seed” sprouts in our fish tank.

2015-06-04 explo-seed 4 R

Honestly, I never saw this coming when Austin brought the “good deal” aquarium home.


2015-06-04 all puppies.  R jpg

Po is still very protective so I couldn’t get all the pups out.  A black one died, and here are all the survivors – eight of them.  Four black and four white.   You may not be able to make them all out so I have cut out their close ups.

2015-06-04 all puppies  w-12015-06-04 all puppies. w-2-3 jpg2015-06-04 all puppies w-4

From the back forward, here are White Pups 1, 2-3, and 4    You’ll have to work to see white pup 3.

2015-06-04 all puppies  b-1-22015-06-04 all puppies b-32015-06-04 all puppies b-4

From the back forward, here are Black Pups 1-2, 3 and 4.   You’ll have to work to see that there are 2 black pups in the first photo.  I did the best I could.  But now….

2015-06-04 two pups R

Here are two of them I took outside to the grass yesterday.

*    *    *

Hoping you all have a week that is puppy-wonderful.

*    *    *


10 thoughts on “4 June 2015

  1. That is really a tropical dish, parrot fish cooked in coconut milk. I’m sure it is really good. I enjoyed seeing the puppies. They look very healthy. Hope things are well in paradise.

  2. Hey there!

    Certainly enjoyed your “Puppy Love” and plant tales today! There is nothing cuter than new puppies!

    I talked to Carol (Lamy) Walker the other night and she said to tell you “Hi! and that she would like to receive your weekly newsletter.” I will send you her email address via regular email. I also reconnected with Debbie Absner. She was my little sister. Have you seen the new SGP website? If not, check it out on Facebook. I think I told you that Sr. Clancey died last winter. Her obit is on there but there is no indication as to how old she was.

    Please email me (via regular email) when you get a chance. Maybe you will see Carol and me over your way one day. Could you stand to have a mini reunion? 🙂

    Take care and keep in touch.

    • Hi Libbie – I’d LOVE to have a mini-reunion! So just come on out and set a spell (to quote Granny from Beverly Hillbillies). As for the rest – send me an email. And I’ll look for SGP on Facebook. Hug hug.

  3. I’ve seen parrot fish crunching coral while I’ve been scuba-diving, but I didn’t know that anyone ate them. Your coconut parrot soup sounds delicious.

    • Oh man – parrot fish are delicious! Anyway, your recollection of them crunching coral reminds me of a funny story.

      Biologist husband tried to convince me early on that corals are “animals” – I argued, but he’s a biologist and he insisted. A few years later he was talking about the food chain and mentioned that parrot fish are herbivores, eating coral – and I said, “They have to be CARNIVORES.” to which he argued until I told him he was the one who insisted corals are animals. “But they have algae in their flesh” (or something like that). Long story short, he started teaching his classes at Micronesia’s community college differently after that. Coral are animals AND plants AND rocks all at once – animals to biologists, plants to ecologists and rocks to boat operators. Ha! That makes a lot more sense.

      • And to scuba divers they are rocks, sharp pointy-grazing-cutting things, and home to wonderful creatures.

        I’ve seen bump-headed parrot fish too – much bigger than the fish in your photos. They were swimming around Peleliu.

        This is bringing back great memories. I haven’t dived for a few years, but I saw some amazing wildlife in Palau, Yap and Bora Bora. Never made it to Fiji….maybe one day in the future.

  4. We used to live in Ibobang on Babeldaop (the huge island) in Palau – decades ago – but never got to Peleliu. Man, are you ever blessed with travelling funds, Karolyn! Back when we were there, all the reefs were teeming with huge fish – thanks to low population pressure and no foreign fishing. I wonder if that is still the case around Koror and in the Rock Islands today.

  5. Shame on you!! The Fiji parrotfish / Wrasse is an endangered and protected species. You are pathetic. Not only that, the ones you photographed are undersized and illegal.

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