28 May 2015

2015-05-28 lemon-china Cr

These pretty kumquat things caught my eye.   I’d never noticed them on our property before; they are right on the side of Cardiac Hill.  Austin says they are called lemon-china (le-mon-CHEE-na) in Fiji.  I think these are the fruits that make the great local lemonade.


There was an annual crab migration down the river this week.  Junia told me about it – but I didn’t go to the river, much less take my camera.  (Note to self: mid-to-late May.  Try to catch it next year.)


You may remember I noticed lots of single strand spider creations about a month ago.  Saw them again this morning.  Dr. Smarty Pants has a theory – he says the baby spiders are dispersing.   That sounds good to me.

2015-05-28 chix dux worms 1  R


Austin yelled at me to come get a photo in the chicken yard.   He and a village youth were digging a new drainage path for the chicken yard, and they had a poultry riot going on.  Every spadeful brought up a bunch of worms.

2015-05-28 chix dux worms 2  R

The chickens were going for them – and also the ducks!   I didn’t know ducks like to eat worms!

2015-05-28 chix dux worms 3  R

Here is the dug up dirt being dump on the “high” end of the yard.  Loot at the poultry still chasing after the Happy Meal.

2015-05-28 hen house unimproved  R


We currently have 2 hen houses connected by the chicken yard.   This is the unimproved one.

2015-05-28 hen house unimproved  Cr

See close up of the dirt floor.

2015-05-28 hen house cement floor  R

Here is the house Austin and the lads are working on … they are cementing the floor and making it rat-proof.   What is that mess on the cement, you ask?   Hens and roosters roosted above it last night.  That is one night’s droppings from about 20 birds.    Austin will be putting dried grass on top of the cement under the roosts, to help the droppings turn into usable fertilizer.

And finally ….. what you have all been waiting for……

2015-05-28 Mama Po  Cr


She is a calm and happy mother.

2015-05-28 puppies 1  Cr

She delivered ten, but one died.

2015-05-28 puppies 2  R

There are four white pups (taking after Po).

2015-05-28 puppies 3  Cr

And there are five black pups (taking after Uncle Daddy).

I intend to do weekly updates on these bundles of cuteness until they all have new homes.

*    *    *

May you all have a blessed and happy week.

*    *    *

7 thoughts on “28 May 2015

  1. Kim, great post this week! I can just taste the lemonade from that fruit, hear the chicken riot and feel those soft, baby puppies! Can’t wait until we see you all again.

    • Hi Joy – I’m glad you enjoyed this week. And I am especially happy to hear that you are still planning to head back our way. Big big hugs for Carlos and Soraya – and a big HIGH FIVE and a hug for Noor 🙂

  2. Well I realized I hadn’t looked at this blog. I see the puppies and the proud mother. At this stage, a person wants to take all of them home. When they get older you begin to wonder why. Ha. I’m thinking we used to have some kumquat growing in this part of the country, but I haven’t seen them in several years. As I have said before, I always enjoy the chickens. That was something I enjoyed about Kauai was all the chickens running everywhere. Hope things are well. LG

    • Hi Larry – I know just what you mean about wanting to taka all the puppies at this stage. A friend on the coast has some darling kittens. I am SO tempted, SOOOOO TEMPTED! to bring one home, so I have to keep telling myself, “It is going to grow into a cat” – plus I remember my Buyer’s Remorse the last time I brought a kitten home. Eddie grew into such a pain in the butt!

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