21 May 2015

2015-05-21 chicks  Cr

Eye candy for all y’all that want pictures of baby animals.   Austin got the incubator going again, so we have baby chicks again.

2015-05-21 bird at rest Cr

This was the strangest sight for me this week – a myna bird lying against the tyre of my truck!   It wasn’t there when I parked – of course.  I had no idea what had happened to it that it died right there.   And then it wasn’t dead.   After I took the photo I went up thinking to knock it away with my toe – but it stood up and toddled off.

Fiji ground frog from web

I made a new “blog friend” this week – an Aussie lady who is dotty for frogs.  I thought I had it made, but then I found out that she loves FROGS, not toads.   Hmm.    I didn’t know if Fiji even has frogs.   So I found out from an internet search (God bless the web!) that Fiji has one ground frog – public domain photo above – and one tree frog.   I will try to find them for real, but I put in this photo just to make my new friend happy.   : )

Boto means both “frog” and “toad” in Fijian.  When I play with clay with my grandson, he always takes a wad of clay and says “boto” and stomps on it.   There is a good reason.

2015-05-21 toad in road  R

Toad in Road.  There are usually lots of them.   Being short of blog ideas this week, I had a notion of reporting on the run-over toad carcass count.  I discovered that it is way down! Usually on our feeder road there are at least 20, but the other day when I went looking to photograph one there were only 10.   Maybe toads are less active in the colder weather, or maybe some kids have been acting as road-kill removers, kicking the flat bodies off the road.

2015-05-21 OutStanding  Cr

Another view from my morning walk today.   You know the story behind the Prize Winning Farmer, right?   He is a man who is “out standing in his field.”

2015-05-21 rat cages  R

Austin’s contribution this week –  he bought these rat cages for Fj$ 3.50 each – less than US$ 2.   Cheap !

2015-05-21 rat and pumpkins  Cr

They work !   (Ick !).

2015-05-21 Po 1  Cr

I’ve put off telling y’all about Po.  Sweet little Po.  She is pregnant.

You may remember that we had tragedy the last time we had a pregnant bitch, so I am feeling more anxiety than anticipation.

2015-05-21 Po 2  R

But unlike the other, her pregnancy appears to be progressing normally.  I think we will be getting cute puppy pictures soon.

And finally –

2015-05-21 Ryu  R

I saw this magnificent horse at work yesterday (didn’t have my camera with me) – pulling a sledge with a water barrel on it and my neighbor trotting on foot behind him.   Lovely muscles, shiny coat.  I mentioned how much I like the horse to my neighbor, and he said he borrowed it from Rakesh …. and I realized this is my son GUY’S horse !    He named him RYU, which means “dragon.”   He bought this horse and then he moved to Japan !   And we put it with Rakesh so he would get well-trained and be put to work.   Great job !

*    *    *


3 thoughts on “21 May 2015

  1. Hi Kim, well It’s been awhile since I wrote a comment. We have had 18 inches of rain this month and the rivers are all at flood stage. It has been along time since we have had any flooding. We have had several years of dry weather. Maybe this summer is going to be more normal. It looks like you have all kinds of new generations coming around. Puppies and chicks. The crop looks good and the horse is amazing. Well have a good summer. Hope all is well. Larry

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