14 May 2015

2015-05-14  fogbow 1 R

Guess what!   FOG BOW !   I had no idea there was such a thing – but we got one a few mornings ago.

*   *   *

2015-05-14  aloe flower 1  Cr

Guess what!   ALOE FLOWER.

2015-05-14  aloe flower 2  R

I guess I had seen aloe flowers before, but I never noticed them.  These flowers are trying really hard to avoid association with the “family”

2015-05-14  aloe flower 9  R

… but here is a photo to show that these flowers are indeed attached to the aloe plant.  (Or are they acting as a flag for a family of shorties?  “Hey, y’all – the folks are down here!”)

*    *    *

2015-05-14 bird  Cr

Guess what, Karolyn, I can get a picture of a bird, too, if I really try!   Of course I have no idea what it is since it’s not a myna or an owl.   I asked Austin.  It is a BULBUL, introduced from India.  Not a nightengale – even though it’s name suggested that it would be.  Loves papaya and is an agricultural pest – with a cute butt.

*    *    *

2015-03-12 masi gwine to town  R

Remember this photo from two months ago?   This was our masi plants going to Suva where I mistakenly said that our friend would be pounding the “core” into cloth.  I was close.

2015-05-06 masi 2  R

Two weeks ago the friend gave me the cloth from those plants – it is made from the INNER BARK of the masi plants.  (Happy now, Austin?)   My friend said that the plants were a little old – that is why the cloth is not pure white and there are occasional small brown smudges.

2015-05-06 masi 4  Cr

Here is a close up so you can see the pounded fibers.   Nobody seemed to mind the creamy color and character smiudges.  Many people asked what I was planning to do with it.  I had no idea.

Once I got it home, Monica had and idea.   LOTS of ideas!

2015-05-14 Monica masi 1  R

TA DA !!!!    And this is only the beginning!

*    *    *

11 thoughts on “14 May 2015

  1. Wow, those are some beautiful wall hangings! Quell artiste is Bella Monica! That Masi cloth looks creamy too!

    • Oh Simone – I’ve missed your blog so much! I’m hoping this comment means you are getting back in the saddle. Thank you for being so “diplomatic” about my crappy bird photo. ha ha ha. (I’m sure Karolyn has a much better camera than mine. That explains EVERYTHING.)

    • I’m always diplomatic. And I am surprised at how much the bird interests me. I’m becoming a bird nerd.
      Bulbuls were all over our garden in India, but they didn’t look the same as your photo. After a bit of googling I now know that Austin is right about your bulbul being a pest because it’s a red-VENTED bird. Our garden bulbuls were red-WHISKERED, and not pests. Red butt is a problem; red face is not.
      I have two great cameras now, with two lenses each, and a tripod. So yes, my successful bird photos this year definitely owe a lot to the gear, rather than natural talent.

    • I blame/credit my husband Paul, who was generous enough to give me the camera gear but was also determined to mock me when he took the photo of me stalking goldfinches under my blanket.

      On another subject…..I saw some Fijian masi cloth in the British Museum in London recently, in an exhibition called “Shifting Pattens: Pacific Barkcloth clothing”. The textile exhibits from all over the Pacific were beautiful.

      For Fiji they also had an old drawing from 1877 of chief Tui Nadrau of Viti Levu wearing a single length of barkcloth estimated to have measured over 100 metres. If you ever see anyone dressed like that, I want a photo. It should be easy: they can’t move away from you too quickly while wearing 100 metres of cloth.

      • Wow – I’d love to see that exhibit. I already have folks in masi – at the Fijian wedding about 4 months ago. The bride came out in masi two times. I’ll try to get more. hug hug

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