30 April 2015

2015-04-30 calf  R

For you folks that mostly want Eye Candy – here is a darling calf belonging to the neighbors down the hill.

2015-04-30 noni   Cr


For those of you interested in health, no matter how BAAAAAAAAAAD the medicine tastes, this week brings noni fruit right beside my house.

2015-04-30 noni   Cr close


2015-04-30 fog 0615  R


I may bore y’all to death here – but I’ve done another series of photos on the morning fog this time looking at the hills to the south.   The above photo is what we start with about 6:15.

2015-04-30 fog 0715  R2015-04-30 fog 0800   Cr2015-04-30 fog 0815   Cr

You can see the mist slowly giving way, exposing one hill at a time.  This is the fog that keeps the mango flowers from setting.

2015-04-30 fog 0825  Cr2015-04-30 fog 0830  Cr2015-04-30 fog 0835  Cr

This is the fog that is ALWAYS a harbinger of a sunny day.

2015-04-30 fog 0840   Cr

This is the near final product – around 8;30.   We go to bed on a clear night, and by 5 am this fog is upon us.  I started wondering what time the fog actually arrives, and woke up one morning at 3 – and it was foggy.  But that morning we did not have the fog – I could see it in other valleys but not ours.  Why is this?   I haven’t the foggiest!

2015-04-30 spider threads   Cr


Another head-scratcher…. these SPIDER THREADS.   One morning I went out and there were single spider strings all over the place.  Not whole webs – just single threads – long ones – all over the place.  Up here by the house, down at the bottom of Cardiac Hill.  I don’t get it.  Spider Mardi Gras or something?

2015-04-30 skink  Cr ps


A few weeks ago I surprised a skink sunning on a rock and it took off so fast it was nearly a blur.  I was shocked.  This was the FASTEST vertebrate for its body size that I’d ever seen.  A few minutes later I walked by again and got a repeat performance.  So after that, I’ve been wanting to write about skinks, but despaired of ever managing to photograph one.   Then this delightful chap decided to take a sunbath in my bedroom!

2015-04-30 snail  Cr


So then the universe gave me the perfect counterpoint to the skink with this snail.  He certainly was not going to outrun my shutter speed, but I just don’t see snails around here very often.

2015-04-30 snail in clay  R

Which brings me to the “Clay Play” of Grammy and Kiki

2015-04-30 dinner time  Cr


I’ll close with this last shot of mynas on the power line above the chicken pen, waiting expectantly for Austin to bring their dinner..

*    *    *


6 thoughts on “30 April 2015

  1. More calves please, if you see them? And I love the photo of the sunbathing skink. Very evocative of a tropical home.

  2. Well the little calf looks like he has gotten away, but still has his tether with him. Ha Kim, what medicinal properties does the NONI plant have? Looks like the rainy season. The clay worms look pretty much like the real thing. I can do without the spiders and skinks. Ha. Hope you are well. LG

    • Noni (also known as Kura) is supposedly good for arthritis, diabetes, hypertension – you name it. Junia’s mother Palu was a medicine woman, and she came around with noni whenever any of us were sick. It tasted so awful that at the sight of it, I’d start yelling, “I’m fine, just fine, I promise – I feel GREAT!” and I would mean it! Anything to get out of having to drink it. That is how strong the Noni fruit is! Miracle healing!

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