23 April 2015

2015-04-23 hanging dead leaf  Cr

I notice weird things – like the way the leaves on the living fence tree hang neck-to-neck off the living leaves once they die.

2015-04-23 hanging dead leaf  R

Like fat brown tinsel.   I notice this because I’m doing my Cardiac Hill runs again, and these are at the bottom of the hill where I am passing time while my heart slows down to normal.

2015-04-23 eggs  R

Frankly, there’s not much happening at the farm right now.  Austin is on hiatus from chicken hatching, so we are eating all the eggs.  He gathered a dozen to give to a friend and was really proud of the rainbow eggs.

2015-04-23 Muscovy ducks 1  Cr

I noticed a duck really limping in the yard, and then realized many of them are limping.  Poor things.  They’re fine in the water, and fine in the air – and yet end up spending most of their lives on land.   These are Junia’s ducks in the yard – Muscovy ducks.

2015-04-23 Muscovy ducks 2  Cr

I think this is a male one of the same species.

2015-04-23 Pekin ducks and goose   R

You see the pond is full for now.  I thought these were geese swimming – but Dr. Smarty told me the white ones in the front are Pekin ducks, and only the bird in the back is a goose.

2015-04-23 geese 2  R

There are plenty of geese in the pond enclosure, though.  These are all geese, and you can’t see it from the photo, but they were all honking at me … irritated to have a human near the fence.   This is right beside the hung dead leaves, and the geese are just going to have to put up with me.

2015-04-23 planting time 5  R

In the neighborhood it is planting time.  I don’t know why.  Here is a plough biting into the earth.

2015-04-23 planting time 6  Cr

And here are the horses and the neighbor attached to it.

2015-04-23 planting time 1  Cr

Some farmers have tractors.

2015-04-23 planting time 2  R

Most do not.

2015-04-23 planting time 3  Cr

I had to walk eastward that afternoon into the field to get a decent photo of the bullocks, and had a bad feeling I would step on seedings I did not see.  Walking out of the field, into the sun, I could see the little seedlings quite brilliant in the sunlight.

2015-04-23 planting time 0  R

This was my big “what the heck is THAT?” sight of the week.  I know those are papaya trees behind, but what is with the humongous bundles of poles?  I asked Naholo, one of our farm hands.  She tells me they are bamboo poles that will be used for tomatoes.   Aha.   Ok!

That’s about it.

Why did the kid cross the road?

Why did the kid cross the road?

*    *    *

7 thoughts on “23 April 2015

  1. There might not be much going on on the farm these days, but I enjoyed seeing all the various colored eggs. I guess I have seen brown, white and bluish, but you have the whole range. I also enjoyed seeing the ducks, especially the black one. Very interesting looking. I can remember when I was very small that my grandfather would do some cultivating with the horses, even though he had a tractor. He just loved the natural way. I think he also wanted to make sure the horses were earning their keep. ha. I’m not sure why “kids” cross the street, but if they are out of the confinement and on the run, they will find one. I think it is the heat that draws them. Who knows. Hope things are going well in paradise. LG

  2. I enjoy your feedback, Larry! That’s interesting about your grandfather – and I can really understand choosing horses over a tractor if you have the time. Less noisy! It is quite beautiful seeing the neighbors plowing with animals because it is always early in the morning or late in the afternoon, so quiet, and it seems peaceful. Austin tried plowing with bullocks once (on camera for a small documentary) and found out it is MUCH, MUCH harder than it looks! ha ha

    • I’m glad you like them. It’s funny – I’ve gotten comments on those eggs “off-line” too. I have shown those eggs several times, but nobody ever commented on them until they were in an egg carton! ha ha ha.

    • Hi Natasha – Thanks! and sorry about the email – it must have crashed for lack of use (it was supposed to get re-directed to my home mail account) – now that I know, I will fix it, and will also send you a note.

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