9 April 2015

2015-04-09 stream running kind of  R

Water, water, water.   The stream is running a little.   There is rumour of prawns in there – THAT will be a happy post.   Meanwhile, I’m happy enough for this trickle.

2015-04-09 welcome clouds  R

We had the latest and shortest wet season ever.   It seems we are heading into another drought already.   These dark afternoon clouds are most welcome; they sometimes give a little drizzle.  It’s better than nothing, but not the downpours we normally get this time of year.

Too bad we have this “rain-fed” pool.  Ha ha.  The sensible thing would be to DRAIN it and PAINT it during this dry season, but Austin does not want to sacrifice this water he might want to use for his chickens …. or (God knows) maybe move some of his fish stock up into it….. Would he?   Now wouldn’t that be glamorous!

2015-04-09 filter 3  R2015-04-09 filter 2  Cr

2015-04-09 filter 4  Cr2015-04-09 filter 1  R

2015-04-09 filter 6  R2015-04-09 filter 5  R

Look what finally arrived, once the rain was gone.   I guess we’ll get it all hooked up sometime this year.  Ha.

*   *   *


Austin got a BIG check!      This was for the fishpond project at the school and also to get the new incubators for the chicken project.


(** Photo has been changed to one that shows Junia for perspective.)

This cheque was for a PR event that the donor was holding – the money was already in the bank.  Maybe you are wondering what chicken incubators and a fishpond at the high school have to do with Corals.   It is just that C4C (Corals for Conservation) is already an established NGO and can receive funds.  The same parties that started C4C are working on land-based sustainable rural livelihoods as well.    Austin had to bend the cheque over to fit it in the truck.  He joked about taking it to the bank  (he’s just so proud).

*   *   *

BRAIN TEASER  – What do you see?

2015-04-09 bee grass 4  R2015-04-09 bee grass 1  R

2015-04-09 bee grass 3  R2015-04-09 bee grass 2  R

Grass?   Yeah, that’s all I saw, too.

Look closer

2015-04-09 bee grass 1  Cr2015-04-09 bee grass 2  Cr

2015-04-09 bee grass 3  Cr2015-04-09 bee grass 4  Cr

Alas.    I stepped on a bee when running barefoot on Cardiac Hill in the afternoon a couple of months ago.  Yesterday morning I was thinking to myself how Smart I Am running barefoot in the morning instead.   …..   These are morning shots.   Ouch and oops.    Perhaps I have learned my lesson.

*   *   *


Speaking of insects, this week was a first – one night we had enormous clouds of tiny midges around every light.  They were so numerous and so tiny that the worst thing about them was that they got sucked in with every breath.  (Or as one of the midges was saying to another, “The worst thing was this awful wind that pulled us in to a dark, smelly cave.”)  The remedy was easy enough – I just moved out from under the light.   And thank God it was only the one night.

*    *    *

2015-04-09 repurposing  R


Here is a case where two irritations ended in a  happy solution.  The pitter-patter of little feet at night, like a pair of puppies playing in the ceiling + a freezer whose expensive repair did not work = a much better home for the chicken food.

*    *    *

MOM !!    MOM  !!

I am at home at sunset, minding my own business.    MOM !!!   Akka is yelling.

Austin finally goes out to the porch to ask Akka what he’s yelling about.

“Sunset – take a picture!”    Akka was right.

2015-04-09 spectacular sunset  R

*    *    *


6 thoughts on “9 April 2015

  1. Hi Kim, we are suffering the same here in Sf . The weather man keeps promising rain and we get besutiful clouds so we get excited but again no rain. A very strange spring. We haven’t even had fog,which is very strange. Thing of you and Austin, missing you guys so much. I love reading your blog every month. Hugs and kisses to you both. Love Jo

    • Hi Jo Yes, the weather is most strange. It got down to 62 F here last night – and it is still our summer here! So so weird. I’m wondering if we will get snow come July! Big hugs back.

  2. Hello Kim, I was glad to see the nice check from Ford to support the “Coral for Conservation” project. I drive a 2011 Lincoln Towncar, so at least 10 cents of that check was from me. ha. I have been wanting to buy a new vehicle, but I have had 13 Towncars and now they don’t make them. I have been looking at SUV’s but I still like a car. I was wondering what purification system you had for the pool. Looks like you are set up. Hope things are well. Your friend, Larry G

    • Hi Larry. Thank you for your 10 cents 🙂 What our pool was going to have was constant refreshing by being rain-fed …. except it hasn’t been raining enough. We bought the zodiac pump with the sand filter and several different chemicals – but have not gotten that set up yet. So right now the algae is having a heyday.

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