26 March 2015

2015-03-26 lizard eggs in bananas  1  Cr

How on earth did Thursday come so fast this week?   It totally caught me by surprise.   This was one of only two photos in my camera I took myself –  the wonderful new bananas that we grew from stock given to us by the ag station – now ripe.

2015-03-26 lizard eggs in bananas 2 R

Here’s the other photo:  a close-up of lizard eggs nestled inside.   We aren’t the only ones who like these new bananas.

2015-03-26 overnight web on our truck R

Akka noticed this dewy web in our truck bed the morning he and Junia were going to mow the school compound.   I can’t take credit, but I like it.

2015-03-26 nearby waterfall   R

And Austin put 28 photos of his hike to our waterfall with an adventurous Teitei guest.   I have no idea what the plants are or creature is – so I’ll just post the one shot.   I must say the waterfall has become quite impressive.   The times I’ve walked there it has been a small trickle at best.

I wish you all a lovely week.   As for me, I just hope my brain starts working better!

5 thoughts on “26 March 2015

  1. You can’t beat freshly grown bananas. I think we get most of ours in this area from Mexico and they cave to submerge them in water to make sure they don’t have a deadly spider living in them. We are having severe summer storms here tonight. One hit in the OKC and Tusa areas. Hope you are well. LG

    • Oh Lord – deadly spiders in banana stalks? Glad we only have lizards living in ours…. It seems a little early for summer storms, doesn’t it? The weather is all messed up!

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