26 February 2014

2014-10-23 Billy  R


I’m leading with Billy because he was the most photogenic, but honestly there are goats EveryWhere right now.

2015-02-26 goats 1 R

These are goats in the field I see while I’m washing dishes.

2015-02-26 goats 1  Cr-black2015-02-26 goats 1  Cr-white

2015-02-26 goats 1  Cr-butt

In close up.  (I like the one showing his rear)   There are goats all over the road on the way to town as well.   Maybe I’ll get more goat shots later this goat-y year.

2015-02-26 guavas in tree  Cr

HAPPY AYYAM-I-HA   (a Baha’i party time)

Which is also at the peak of guava season this year.  So we start with guavas in the tree.

2015-02-17 sacks of guava  R

And sacks of guavas being prepped for cooking.  (Plus the lovely workers!)

2015-02-17 jars of guava jam  R

Jars of jam in whatever jars we have around …. (I think I see an easy gift to give!)

2015-02-25 guava  R

And guavas are even gifts for our feathered friends.

*    *     *

I have a saga to tell, but will save that for next week since I’m short of time and want to do it justice.

May we all have a blessed and happy week.

*    *    *


9 thoughts on “26 February 2014

  1. I enjoyed the goat pictures. They reminded me of the chickens all over Kawai. I enjoyed all the friends and jam as well. Looks like a great place to spend some time.

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    • Lady! Welcome back! The guavas taste ok – the little seeds are REALLY HARD. But Akka opened one of the big jars of jam to pour off some into a smaller jar to give as a gift today. Oh my God! His jam! It was magnificent! I have no idea how he did it.

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