5 February 2015 – complete

SS 2015-02-05 dramatic hilside  R

Last week I climbed the mountain.  This week, I did nothing – or close to it.  The only photos in my camera were of hoeing out crabgrass – and they were from last week.

What I did instead was to sift through more than 2000 photos from guest Sandra Spranger (the other lady in the mountain climbing party).  She is an inspired photographer with a magnificent camera ( I Leica her camera !!!) and is also a professional gardener.    I don’t know how she got the dramatic photo of our hills to the northeast above..

SS 2015-02-05 red-belly spider  R


She found spiders I’d never seen.  The one above has a suspicious red mark on its little belly.  We don’t have Black Widows here (or any other highly poisonous ones), I’ll just call this baby a Black Stepmom..

SS 2015-02-05 water spider  R

This is a spider here.

SS 2015-02-05 water spider  Cr


SS 2015-02-05 leaf spider  R

Spider on one eaten up leaf.

SS 2015-02-05 spider  Cr

And this crazy creature – I wasn’t sure if it was a spider or some kind of crab or what. So I broke down and asked Dr. Smarty Pants.  It’s a spider.  The thing that looks like a shell is actually its abdomen and thorax, colored white – the perfect camouflage for this plant.

SS 2015-02-05 Mulberry  R


A lone mulberry – I didn’t know the tree was fruiting.

SS 2015-02-05 wild orchid  R

I thought this was a wild orchid… but I think I’m wrong.

SS 2015-02-05  Cactus flower  R

A cactus flower, or bud thereof.

SS 2015-02-05 mystery flower 2  R

No idea what this flower is.

SS 2015-02-05 mystery flower  1  R

And even more mystified by this one.   (Sandra had lots of photos of flowers I know – but I can blog about those any old time.)

Betty Cat

Betty Cat

SANDRA’S LOOK AT MY BEST FRIENDS (her photos are better than mine)

Betty, perched on the power box.



GoGo, sitting above the ground – as always.



Po, flying through a field.

SS 2015-02-05 green ladybug  R


A green ladybug?

SS 2015-02-05  new moth  R

A moth in the daytime.

SS 2015-02-05 yellow butterfly  R

The yellow butterfly I noticed at the beginning of my blogging, and could never capture for a photo.

SS 2015-02-05 water walker  R

A water walker on our pond.

SS 2015-02-05  flight of insects  R

A flight of whatnots, and their shadows.

SS 2015-02-05  garden bugs  R

AND – What the GARDENER sees!

SS 2015-02-05  Dragonfly 1  R


I told you a little bit about dragonflies a couple of weeks ago, and had a few crappy photographs.  Well, Sandra and Austin stayed up half the night one night getting MAGNIFICENT photographs of them.   Prepare to be impressed!

SS 2015-02-05  Dragonfly 2  R

This is the dragonfly larvae in the pool.

SS 2015-02-05  Dragonfly 3  R

They crawl out of the water and then “back-dive” out of their skins.

SS 2015-02-05  Dragonfly 4  R

Then they hang around for a bit while they adjust to life outside and start to stretch out their wings.

SS 2015-02-05  Dragonfly 5  R

What amazing wings!

A huge THANK YOU to Sandra for sharing her incredible shots with us.

I close the photos with her dramatic view of the cottage.

SS 2015-02-05 dramatic cottage  R

*    *    *

FARM NEWS – the only news is that Austin told me some fellow drove here from Naitasirii (about 3 hours away) with a snake he wanted to sell to Austin.  Austin didn’t  buy it, but he left the snake anyway.  Austin tells me it is in a bucket.  I have not opened the bucket yet.   Maybe next week.

*     *     *


6 thoughts on “5 February 2015 – complete

  1. WOW, what beautiful wings!

    That creature on the yellow gourd thing is a spider! Really? I can only see six legs, and those enormous antennae remind me more of a cockroach, or at least an insect.

  2. Yeah, Lady – I was wrong on that – it’s not a spider. Oops. Dr. Smarty Pants gave me a hard time about it – I’ll be printing a correction next week. ha ha ha. (Lucky I never pretended to know what I’m saying!)

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