8 January 2015

2015-01-08 feed store 1  R

Yesterday, Austin asked me to buy feed while I was in town.   Sure I would.

2015-01-08 feed store 2  R

Never mind I’ve banged up the rear of our truck THREE TIMES backing away from the feed shop..   We “own” this place .  I was analyzing our finances for last year, and we noted that we ended up $105.65 in the hole on Austin’s chicken project (ha ha ha).  This is largely because of our addiction to commercial feed.   Oh, but when our Coconut Trees start bearing !…. 

2015-01-08 happy chicken project 1  R


I think I told you about Austin’s “happy chicken” projects.  He was crowd sourcing through Global Giving.   He raised about $1000 there, hasn’t received it yet – but a generous Teitei guest put some cash in Austin’s hands for it, and so Austin contacted the first beneficiaries.   They are actually our closest neighbors, and the oldest 2 kids were my first friends in the neighborhood.  This is their little brother.

2015-01-08 happy chicken project 2  R

Prashneel, the big brother is leaning on the cage.

Austin gave them nine chicks (older than the ones he usually sells), a cage and 3 kg of chicken food to get them started.       He gave them a lot of chicken-rearing advice.    With luck and some work, they will get eggs in five months, which can be the start of their own flock.   The best male will be their stud rooster, and the other males will be dinner or income.   Prashneel will get practice, and if he has a knack for it, he’ll probably end up with a job.   I’m really happy for our neighbors, and will be praying that this really works out for them.

2015-01-08  eye of needle  R


This is just an odd shot – an interesting burned out tree that Akka noticed on Valley Road.  He pointed it out to me several times, and we finally got a photo.

2015-01-08 choked drumstick  R


This is another gift of Akka’s keen eye:  a moringa “drumstick” squeezed in two by a passion fruit vine.

2015-01-08 rescued myna 2  Cr


Austin found this myna bird that had gotten its feet all tangled up while in his chicken pen.   I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard Austin complain about the mynas – how much he hates them – how he’s going to apply for a shotgun and fill it with birdshot to get these rotten mynas.   He hates them because they’re always stealing his chicken food.

A few years ago, Austin rigged up something and trapped seventeen mynas.  Then he skinned them and cooked the little buggers with a lot of Italian seasoning.  I remember little drumsticks – like toothpicks with a bit of gamey meat on the end, and the petite breasts – chewy little muscle nuggets.  We all agreed they were edible and we’d be willing to go to the effort to catch them …. next time there is a serious famine in progress.

2015-01-08 rescued myna 3  Cr

So now Austin had an edible enemy at his mercy.  An enemy who got caught because of trying to feed all her babies.

2015-01-08 rescued myna 4  Cr

Mercy overtook him….. because she had babies.  (Uh, that is that many MORE of your “enemies,” Dear!)

2015-01-08 rescued myna 5  Cr

So Austin untangled her and let her go.  I don’t know if Po and Torsett approved or not.

2015-01-01 Abandoned mosque 2  R


One of the two things I had that I just couldn’t put in on New Year’s Day was this photo from our Christmas picnic trip to Natadola:  an overgrown mosque.  Such a graceful, pretty building on a lovely hill, but obviously abandoned and with a broken minaret. Also, unpainted.  So curious, so bleak.   Is it finished?   Was it used?    Did a community of Muslim cane farmers lose their leases just as the mosque was nearing completion?

2015-01-08 gopi suit  R-phshpd


My brother Jeswant came to visit this week, and brought me a New Year’s present – this amazing outfit!    Vina says it is a “gopi suit”    There is no way I can fit into the top (yet), but was delighted to find out the skirt fits!  Yay.    The piece I have positioned as a sash is actually a very large shawl of thin cloth.   Next Indian wedding in the neigborhood, I will be wearing this!

*     *     *


6 thoughts on “8 January 2015

  1. Happy the see the Chicken Project taking root 🙂
    The mosque looks so ominous. Such a mystery…
    Love your Gopi Suit! So pretty!

    • Hi, I am Abdul Abbas Karim of Masjid Al Rahim, Zion Hill, Natadola. Fiji., would like to comment on the Mosque issue of Natadola. I had many news about it . This mosque was built by my Father Late Janab Abdul Karim of Zion Hill, Natadola. This was a land issue. In 1964 Late Mr Billy Clerk of Korolevu came to Natadola and called a meeting at Shaheb Dean’s house. many land owners attended the meeting in which i was present with my father. Mr. Clerk told every one present there to buy freehold land in which all farmers were leasing. Our land was 21 acres and Mr.Clerk said it is two thousand four hundred pounds. many people agreed to buy and paid deposit. My father paid 5 shillings for his block of 21 acres and and he also paid 5 shillings for Late Mr. Latchman’s block too. it was all paid by deducting from the bank when sugarcane was cut. My father paid all and other farmers paid too and all papers was with Mohammed Ali of Tadola. When time came to get the freehold title then Mohammed Ali din’t issue the papers/receipts and he said it was all lost. My father Janab Abdul Karim fought this land case in supreme court about freehold title for 30 years and court was dragging time. It was the first longest case held in Fiji. As soon as my father passed away the Manager of Shanghrila Hotel , (Yanuca Hotel) sent some contractors to demolish this mosque in 2007, on the old and expired court order, which was ill legal to demolish someone’s property. The hindu people saved the mosque by stopping the digger drive and by calling police. Three person died who sent them and the contractor died after doing so nasty thing and being the muslim and tried to break the mosque. I have repaired the mosque and painted and people started to pray in it . It is not a abundant Mosque I live there and look after the mosque. If any one want to contact me regarding this Masjid Al Rahim please contact me on 8677671, 0416651392 or email : aakarimtadola@gmail.com please stop saying this it a “abundant mosque”. AAKARIM Natadola.

      • Dear Sir, Thank you so much for sharing this information. The mosque certainly looked abandoned when I was there…which made me sad. I am very happy to learn that you now have possession of it and have painted and that it is a site for worship of the Almighty, the All-Merciful.

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