1 January 2015

2014-12-25 Rose 1  R

I hope for a beautiful coming year, and so I spent part of this week just looking at pretty flowers.

This flower below jumped out at me as I was walking on Valley Road.  It resonated for several reasons.

2015-01-01 Glorious zinnia  R

For one, it is gloriously perfect.   For another, it is a zinnia – and I’ve been maintaining a dislike of zinnias since I first met them … not very noble I know … so this is a clear case of “get over myself.”   And then, after I took the photo, I noticed my neighbor waving to me from her porch – I was so enchanted by the flower that I was ignoring the gardener.   Oops!     (I believe there’s a metaphor here, for those of us from a religious persuasion!)

2015-01-01  bindi haul  R


Bindi (a.k.a. okra) is in abundance.   Akka got this sack load from a neighbor for less than ½ the market price (about US $10 worth).   He was so proud of his haul, he wanted it memorialized.    Some of it is in our bellies already, and the rest is in the freezer.

*    *     *

That’s it for the pretty stuff.   It’s downhill from here.

Spanish moss  at farm - 3 years old

Spanish moss at farm – 3 years old

Spanish moss in Suva - 8 years old

Spanish moss in Suva – 8 years old


Spanish moss – NOT native here.   Austin has gotten it to grow on a few trees, both at the house in Suva and here on the farm.   Ick.   Makes me think of driving through unfamiliar creepy places to the far south from the mountains I was raised in.   Well, I complained about the hanging moss one time too often.    Just this week, Austin told me that Spanish moss reminds him of Wilmington, NC where all his grandparents were from.  Going to Wilmington was the best part of his childhood, and the moss always meant “welcome home” to him.

(I think that’s how some Englishmen felt about rabbits when they moved to Australia – but I’ll stop voicing my objections any more)

2015-01-01  Odd pineapple 1  R-marked


I asked daughter-in-law Monica if she’d seen anything interesting around the farm.  Yes, she had.   I was going with her to see it, but realized it was going to be hard to get where she was going.   It was down this hill, more or less where I drew the arrow.    She took my camera, but couldn’t get a good photo of the item of interest…..   so she ended up pulling it out of the ground and hauling it up for inspection.

2015-01-01 odd pineapple 3  R

It is the weirdest pineapple plant she has ever seen.  (Me, too).   Instead of leaves, topped by a pineapple, topped by a crown … it is leaves, lots of crowns, a long stalk, and a pineapple with even more crowns at its base and a skewed one on top.   A crown can be planted to make a new plant – but this pineapple went reproductive crazy.

2015-01-01 odd pineapple 4  R2015-01-01  Spanish moss close R

Double checking this week’s info with Austin, he informs me that pineapples and Spanish moss are closely related.  So I just picked my way over to the moss for a close up…. And I don’t see a relationship.   He says I’d see it if I saw a Spanish moss flower – oh, he hasn’t seen it flower – oh, it must not be able to flower here – aha! And that’s why Spanish moss is not taking over.    Well, that’s good.

2015-01-01 Look-up chick 1  R


There is an odd chick in the box.  See him?    He’s looking upside down.

2015-01-01 Look-up chick 2  R

Here he is in close up.    His brain must have been wired wrong.  He must have been seeing the world upside down, because he absolutely would not hold his head normally, even though his neck was flexible.

2015-01-01 Look-up chick 3  R

Thinking about the human experiments with wonky eyeglasses where the subjects’ brains accepted the change after a week or two, Austin put a collar on the chick in hopes that his brain will rewire itself.

Sad update:  The collar came off and the chickie drowned somehow.   Nature is not kind.

Most of the rest of my photos for the week are also on the grim-or-grisly side – not what I want to share on January 1.   So I’ll fast forward to my two happy shots.

2015-01-01  Sunrise  R

A splendid sunrise.

2015-01-01 Joy  R

And a reason to stay up.

*    *    *

May 2015 be a wonderful year for each of you, all of you.

*    *    *

11 thoughts on “1 January 2015

  1. Beautiful flowers. For spanish moss there seems to be a globally debated love/hate…me too, much as I love the stuff, wouldn’t want it to harm the tees!
    Profound little chickie.
    Read somewhere that they just started GM-ing pineapples.. wonder when this one was planted! Kim I want you to know that one of the things I’m thankful for in my year is your blog, and getting a feeling for all of you and the extended family in Fiji.
    Here’s to love and best best wishes for a wondrous new year to come!

    • Well, we’ve got the moss here for you, Joyce. I think it’s something you love if it is from a place where your memories are happy ones. And lack of familiarity is the root of wariness. Happy happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year to you and the family Kim! We wish you all the best and hope to come back and visit soon. Katie & Brent (Australia) xx

    • Hi Katie! What a happy surprise to hear from you. A very happy new year to you and Brent as well. When you come back, you are going to see quite a surprise. The only thing I’ll say is that we are “waiting for rain….” Hug hug

    • Hey Larry! I not only hope you have a happy 2015 – I also hope that you are HERE for part of it! July and August are our cool months, and the best climate of all. I’m just as fuzzy on “winner” as “win” …. what kind of winner am I closing in on? Sounds fun. Lots of love.

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