25 December 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY.  Just like last year, we are in the middle of summer in Fiji …. and everything is coming up green.

2014-12-25 Date 1  R-marked

My first little Christmas present for you is this pair of trees down near one of Austin’s construction sites:  DATE TREES (very Middle Eastern).   These grew from seeds he brought back with him from a trip to Canada almost five years ago.

2014-12-25 Date 2  Cr

The big surprise this week is that one of the trees is making flowers already!   Austin was shocked to get flowers so soon.   He was thinking about lopping off two of the flowers and leaving the best one…. but then he found out that these are male flowers.    According to Junia, the same date tree will be making female flowers later.

2014-12-25 Date 3  Cr

Anyhow, just in case you wondered why I didn’t get a better photo of the flowers – the date trees are really spiky.

2014-12-25 Rambotan 1  Cr


I asked Junia if there was anything interesting growing.  Yep – rambotan fruit!   It will get red when it ripens.  And it will be really tasty.

2014-12-25 Rambotan 2  Cr

For now we have quite a few growing on the tree down at the duck pond.

2014-12-25 Grapefruit 2  Cr


Junia pointed to this tree, expecting me to be happy.

2014-12-25 Grapefruit  R

Once I realized what it was, I was happy.   GRAPEFRUIT.   Goody!

2014-12-25 Grapefruit 3  Cr

We will have to treasure this while it lasts, because the tree was seriously undermined by flooding last year.  I don’t think we’ll be able to hold onto this tree through another flood.

2014-12-25 Laxative leaf  R

LAXATIVE LEAF, anybody?    Junia just had to point this out to me.   I wonder if the bugs who munched on these leaves are dealing with sluggish GI tracts.

2014-12-25 Foreign bananas  Cr


The Ag Guys gave Austin suckers for many overseas varieties of bananas about a year ago – and the plants are just starting to make bananas.   Our guys are really pleased with the size of this stalk!

2014-12-25  Tangantangan 1  Cr


“What’s this flower?”  I asked Junia.       “Goats eat it,” he replied.

“Huh?”  I asked.    He pointed up and across the creek bed.

2014-12-25  Tangantangan 2  R

Oh – our old friend tangan-tangan.    Yes, goat food sounds about right.   Maybe we’ll get some goats this year.

2014-12-25 Rako 1  Cr


We had some extra special guests this week at the Teitei – a Polynesian singing/ dancing/ arts group called Rako.   These are the dancers – and they were almost half of the crowd. Since our largest previous group was six people, hosting close to 30 people was quite the adventure for us.

And finally ….

2014-12-25 Alex  R


My son-in-law Nigel’s little brother – Alex – has come to join our crew for awhile !

Woo hoo !!!

*    *     *

Lots of love to all of you – with hope every moment of the holiday season brings you joy.

2 thoughts on “25 December 2014

  1. Woohoo!! our little bro is at the farm! 🙂 Wish I could have hung out with RAKO — I bet they’re great. And thats really awesome about the date trees!

  2. Another interesting chapter. I wish I was there to eat some of the fruits. Hope you all have a Great Christmas and New Year.

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