11 December 2014 (corrected)

2014-12-11 used - old Farm Oct 2008

We photographed this bizarre flower growing straight out of the ground in October 2008.  Austin said it was a plant from dinosaur times.   Well, the blooming thing grew!

2014-12-11 dinosaur tree 2  Cr

Here is Austin with the uprooted tree of it.  (No, I have no idea why they uprooted it.)

2014-12-11 dinosaur tree 1  R

The trunk and stems have a really odd texture.

2014-12-11 dinosaur tree 3  R

And the tree has a funny branching pattern, too.   Strange, strange bit of flora.

2014-12-11 dog-killed  mongoose 2  Cr


One of our dogs caught and killed a mongoose!  This is no easy task.  If dogs could easily get mongooses, we would not have had to get the trap from Texas.  Anyway….

2014-12-11 dog-killed  mongoose 3  R

Torsett Dog is saying,  “yep, it was ME!”

2014-12-11 first orchid bloom 1  R


Yay!  The orchids are starting to bloom!

2014-12-11 first orchid bloom 2  R

So now Akka needs to start looking for a market for them.

2014-12-11 red mango  R


Akka brought this mango – the prettiest one he had seen.

Two days later I took my Canadian grandkids out to get photos of their own – with their parents’ smartphones, and here is my 4-year-old granddaughter ….

2014-12-11 Red mango Alice photo  R

taking pictures of the same mangoes on the tree.

While that was going on, I was showing the other ones these CATERPILLARS –

2014-12-11 caterpillar stripping plant 0  R

Austin says they are Monarchs –

2014-12-11 caterpillar stripping plant 2  R

totally stripping the chosen plant!   Good Lord.

The next day ….

2014-12-11 caterpillar Alice photo  R

my little granddaughter came to my house to show me the beautiful caterpillars she had found.    She is definitely her Granddaddy’s granddaughter!

Love, love.

*    *    *

PS –  I hate it that I accidentally published the draft in progress.  It was bound to happen sooner or later – but UGH.   Apologies to those who got the half-done blog in their inboxes……

10 thoughts on “11 December 2014 (corrected)

  1. Yay!!! Thanks mommy! Beautiful pictures 🙂
    Its so nice seeing Ali e as well, so beautiful 🙂

    The ground flower is sooo weird ina cool way. How bizarre

  2. It looked good. I always thought mongoose was a larger animal. I have no idea what the flower is. It was a very interesting addition to the blog. Hope you are having a good summer. LG

  3. Kim, would you put me on your list for the Blog? I have missed several and enjoy reading them each week, when I see them listed on FB, but I’m not always finding them. Tx, Greg

    • Hi Greg – I’m humbled and happy that you enjoy the blog. Folks have to put themselves on the list by hitting the “follow” button – and it looks like you’ve discovered that. Welcome aboard, and all manner of Flora-Fauna-LocalCulture feedback is always welcome.

  4. I missed this when you published it; just discovered it today. Any mangoes left on the tree, or have you eaten them all?

    • Alas – all gone. And alas, alas – probably not to be seen again for 20 years! The morning fog here prevents the mangoes from setting. It is only because of the really severe drought that we got the fruit this year.

      • That’s worse than living in a mango-free country. Tantalising you like that, then failing to fruit. They looked so beautiful too, in your photos.

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