27 November 2014

2014-11-27 Clara and chickie 2  Cr

This is Clara’s favorite chickie because of her eyeliner, her wings and her strength.  Clara named her  Cleopatra, although her title is “Miracle Bird”

2014-11-27 Clara and chickie 3  Cr

Here are Cleopatra’s wings.   Cleopatra is amazing because she hatched herself after being totally abandoned through 2 cold nights.  Austin just knew that whole clutch were goners.  Cleo is some bird!   (And if she turns out to be a rooster, his name will be Pharaoh.)

2014-11-27 horses on hill 1 R

Meanwhile there was a small herd of wild horses on the hill to the north.

2014-11-27 paper wasps  Cr

Clara found this under a chair in my sitting room.  First paper wasps I’ve seen inside my house.

2014-11-27 paper wasps  Fine Cr

Hello !

… and now for the Community Event


Our family was invited as honored guests to attend the end of school concert.

2014-11-27  school event 2  Cr

Austin was officially being thanked for this huge mud hole – which will be a fish pond.  He got a $3000 grant from the Ford Motor Company to have this dug.  There will be a chain link fence, and even a chicken project inside – in hopes of getting better nutrition into the bellies of the students.  This is inextricably tied to Katie, the dear NZ volunteer, who collaborated with Austin in documenting the need for more protein in the dorm kids’ diets.   You can see Katie and our July cookie project here:  https://ffwrfromfiji.wordpress.com/2014/07/30/31-july-2014/

2014-11-27  school event 1  R

Although I’ve lived here for about six years, this is the first time I have gone to the school.  I love the welcome wall.

2014-11-27  school event 3  R2014-11-27  school event 4  R

I really love the decoration with used plastic bottles painted brightly.  Then I saw these signs – the second inspirational quote is attributed to “Sydney. J.”

2014-11-27  school event 6  R

Dignitaries in the front:  families of the overseas volunteers, Austin and some of our young ones.

2014-11-27  school event 5  R

One of the teachers kept telling the students to remember not to lean against the wall because it could fall down!  That was curious.  The unpainted wood is on hinges, I think.

2014-11-27  school event 7  R

There were lots of items.   Meke (dancing).   Singing.

2014-11-27  school event 8   R

And a play!   The play was really funny!   Monster school.  The “teacher” told the monsters to get out their books, and then instructed them to eat their books,  One naughty student wanted to read the book instead of eating it…. and so on.   If you look closely at the photo you will see monster masks.   You’ll also see my grandson Kiki trying to get a mask from one of the actors.   The actor just handed it over.  Fijians are just so SWEET NATURED!

And on the event went, with more items, speeches, prayers and a feast.   I only got one photo of the food.

2014-11-27 school event clam  Cr

MONSTER river clams such as none of us had ever seen.   Yum, yum, yum.

*   *   *

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