30 October 2014

2014-10-30 wonky pineapple  R

A studio portrait of our clownish pineapple, a heavy-jowled fellow with a tiny fez at a rakish tilt.   All the pineapples on our farm are of this odd shape.   Akka thinks the lack of rain is responsible for the shrunken crowns.   But what is the reason for this bottom-heaviness?

2014-10-30 humpback cowrie 1  R


This is an unusual “humpback cowrie” found by one of our Teitei guests at the sand dunes this week.

2014-10-30 humpback cowrie 2  Cr

I cannot believe her good fortune in finding this shell perfectly intact.

2014-10-30 humpback cowrie 3  R

I am smitten by the utterly gorgeous design shimmering below the glassy surface.

2014-10-30 humpback cowrie 4  Cr

So shiny that even the photographer’s hands are captured in the photo.

2014-10-30 smiley coconut  R


And Auntie Monica is getting ready.   That’s all I have to say!

*   *   *

7 thoughts on “30 October 2014

  1. I enjoyed this addition of your blog. I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful humpback cowrie. I have seen some similar in Hawaii, but I don’t think as much brightness. Looks like it has a coat of clear-coat paint. I hope things are going well in Fiji. I am getting more ready for a trip. LG

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