16 October 2014

2014-10-15  pretty hibiscus  R

Most of my stuff this week is from OFF the farm – like this pretty hibiscus – I’ve forgotten where I saw it.  I love the albino leaves, though reduced photosynthesis makes it hard for the plant to grow.

The next 3 photos are from the parking lot in Sigatoka when I was waiting for Austin on Saturday.

2014-10-15 Sgtka parking lot 1  R

This cute puffy flower in one tree;

2014-10-15 Sgtka parking lot 2  Cr

these pretty bouquets in another tree; and ….

2014-10-15 Sgtka parking lot 3  Cr

TA DA!   a bird!   Catching wildlife is near impossible for me – I’m so glad this bird came out clear.   The very fact that I am looking up into the trees at all is the result of writing this blog.  Well, that and waiting for Austin.

2014-10-15  pond  R


This is back at the farm.   I’ve even shown this specific location to you before. Multiple times.  This is our POND.   Can you believe it?   This is what happens when it rains after being VERY dry.  There is enough water to get all manner of plants to grow, but not enough to bring the water table back up.

2014-10-15  mystery hole  Cr


From my same walk to the pond — a hole in the ground.   If this were the beach, I would know the answer:  crab.  But this is not the beach.  What makes holes like this?   Must ask Austin.

2014-10-15 dead trees  R


See the dead trees?  I’ve been noticing dead trees since I first started the blog, and have taken so many photos of so many dead trees in the last month.  My sister-in-law sent this link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5d7sCRgIyc&app=desktop  which gives so much to think about.   Maybe the huge number of dead trees right now is just the dry weather here.   I’ll tell you how the trees are again when the pond is back up.

2014-10-15  Rural Womens Day 1  Cr


Yesterday I saw this meeting going on when I went to town again.

2014-10-15  Rural Womens Day 2  R

A lovely meeting down by the river front.   It looked to me as if about 100 people were there.  I overheard two lovely speeches in English, one by a Fijian and one by an Indian – both ladies talking about how proud they are to be able to help support their families through their work.

2014-10-15  Rural Womens Day 5  R2014-10-15  Rural Womens Day 7  R

2014-10-15  Rural Womens Day 4 R

The rural ladies do much of the farming.  In fact here is a photo Junia took this week of our 3 farmhands,

2014-10-15 Ladies at work  R

All ladies.    We love them.


One friend told me by email she still didn’t understand why the bride wasn’t nervous.   I guess I didn’t make it clear.  In Fiji the point of the big wedding is so the families can see each other, trade news, work together and have fun.  The pressure, if any, is on the family  spokesmen who have to give impressive speeches to each other.   Nobody expects much out of the bride or groom.

But in town yesterday, I got an update from the groom’s father:  It’s a girl!    That’s not an ultrasound result – that is a birth announcement!   I noticed the bride looked pregnant – but having the baby a week after the wedding!    Dare I say the wedding was on Fiji time?

2014-10-15 Gogo on chick cage  Cr


GoGo Dog loves to sleep atop the chick cage.   I have been trying for weeks to catch him taking a nap.  This’ll do.

*    *    *

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