11 September 2014

2014-09-09 Sailors take warning  R

Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.

We were so happy and excited !!  It matched the predictions on the weather maps too !!

2014-09-08 High hopes  R

SO promising !!!

2014-09-08 High hopes dashed  R

And then we got another dad-gum “pretty” day.

We were supposed to get deluges, and instead we get the occasional mist.  Still, it really isn’t all that bad yet.   Thank you, everybody, who wrote off-blog asking if we have drinking water, and if we are doing serious water conservation.   The answers are Yes to drinking water, and No to stringent measures.   This is not nearly as bad as it was four years ago when my mother-in-law arrived, and our bore hole dried up.  We took ourselves off to Suva for 3 months or so, so that we wouldn’t be a burden on the other families in the community that year.    Now we’ve got the Suva house rented out, so I am not hoping for the bore hole to go dry again.

2014-09-07 Fiji Hawk   Cr


This fellow flew flew onto our porch and nabbed a few hatchlings, and then grabbed a dead juvenile hen that one of the dogs had played-with-to-death earler that morning.   Austin got this photo – you can see the chicken at his feet.   This species is native to Fiji.   Our former farmhand Michael found a baby one and raised it for a few months, a few years ago – the coloration was quite different: speckled.   Austin swears the speckled ones are juveniles and that this IS a goshawk.

2014-09-10 Sandalwood  R-Marked


I realize I never told y’all about the sandalwood we planted a few years ago, about a hundred trees.   When the trees are full of resin – in 15-25 years – they will be very valuable.  Yasi is our “Grandkids Crop” !    In the photo above I have drawn ovals around three sandalwood trees.   Austin learned that sandalwoods grow much faster if they are attached to a host tree, done by carefully intertwining some roots.   We had a lovely orchard of mayer lemons, and he attached 4 or 5 young yasi  to each lemon tree.  The sandalwoods have grown amazingly well – and it killed the lemons!   Oh trial and error science!    The correct ratio is 1:1.

2014-09-10 Vova tree   R


You may remember that we planted  a tree in memory of “Vova” – a friend’s grandfather – three weeks ago.  The tree is doing fine, and there is a little marker now.   I thought to specially check it out, because I have something else to share from that friend’s visit.

2014-09-09 a bit of beauty  R

Anna tried her hand at acrylics for the first time while here – and I was so in love with one of her paintings that she gave it to me.    I’m calling it “Lovebirds at Twilight”

*   *   *



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