21 August 2014

2014-08-19 moth red spot  Cr

Akka found this tiny moth with the red spots.   I didn’t know the spots were red until I looked at my photo.   Pretty spectacular, eh?

2014-08-16 Sigatoka market  Cr


Due to renovations in progress on the public market building, the vegetable vendors have relocated to the street.  There is NO parking in the square for now.  Most people are not blessed with owning a private vehicle and are not inconvenienced by this change.  I should just count my blessings.

2014-08-18 mango flowers 2 R


I’ve been oblivious so Austin pointed it out:  mango flowers.  This is the most abundant display of mango flowers he’s ever noticed.  This tree is down Valley Road, but even our tree has many flowers.    Behold the flowers and think hope-filled thoughts.

2014-08-20 wild nest 3  R


A clutch of eggs, under the bushes by the house.  There were another three eggs beside the washing machine.  “Somebody” let the hens out too early. .

2014-08-19 wild bird 1  Cr


This young egret, called belo, was down at the pond and seems to be sick with the same thing the ducks had.  I figure it is a goner, since none of the ducks recovered, but Austin doesn’t give up.    Honestly, although I’ve never been scared of wild birds, this one does make me a little nervous – just look at the beak on that thing!

2014-08-19 wild bird 4  R

Austin had me take a photo of its back.  Strange feathers there.  He tells me these used to be used to decorate women’s hats.

2014-08-19 tree for Vavo 1  R


Anna, our precious guest, got the news this week that her dear grandfather died.   He had been healthy and strong, and this news was completely unexpected.   What to do – with Anna so far from her family? . Austin had an idea: plant a tree in his memory.    It was a winner.   Here Anna carts the tree up the hill.

2014-08-19 tree for Vavo 3  R

Austin chose a planting spot up near Pineapple Circle where he had just burnt off the weeds the day before.

2014-08-19 tree for Vavo 2  R

As soon as Austin’s shovel hit dirt  – SURPRISE – a sphinx moth chrysalis with a very long probosis.   There is no end of weird nature stuff when we’re out in the garden with Austin.  Anna was delighted – and then freaked out when the chrysalis wiggiled in her hand – and then delighted again.

2014-08-19 tree for Vavo 4  R

In goes the tree, a tropical almond.   In honor of Vladimir Bolshov, lovingly known to all as Vova..

2014-08-19 tree for Vavo  R

And a full watering can of water for it.   Austin says in the time to come, Vova’s tree will grow tall and spread its branches and provide much welcome shade.

2014-08-21 Vavo tree dawn  R

Here is Vova’s tree in the first rays of dawn a day later. .  May you rest in peace and joy, Grandfather Vova.


2014-08-12 vinca  Cr


My companion blog was scheduled for a post this week, so I asked Vina to choose a flower for it.   Vina said, “Everlasting.”    I had no idea what it was, but it sounded promising.  Then I found out “Everlasting” was Vinca.   MAN,  I never liked this flower!   It is all over the place.  When we go to weed, this plant is just  so tenacious!  The roots go deep and are tough and fibrous.   There is no getting rid of vinca.  (My other blog is not a place for this kind of story.)   Anyhow, by the time I got the close up photos of the vinca, and started learning many of the names it is called by, I started not disliking it so much.  I might even like it a little now.: “Everlasting” turns out to be another name for “Perseverance”   So let’s hold on through the tough times, and bloom away..  If somebody tries to get rid of us, the joke is on them.


I hope you all have a great week..

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

5 thoughts on “21 August 2014

  1. That’s a lot of eggs! And that moth is absolutely beautiful. I think THAT’s what should replace that odious leopard print (on garments, not leopards). Please be sure to email it to Paris, Milan and New York, will you?

    Must google tropical almonds. May the tree prosper 🙂

  2. Didn’t you post a pic of the caterpillar (we call them tobacco worms in the North Carolina piedmont) that comes out of the sphinx moth chrysalis a couple of weeks ago? The caterpillars will destroy a tomato plant overnight.

    Vinca is a weed? We pay for it in America to plant in our gardens that only get partial sun. There are two. One is an annual and the flowers are generally pink, red, white or peach. The other is an evergreen that grows low to the ground and usually has blue flowers in early spring. I’ve seen white flowers occasionally. We call the latter Periwinkle. The leaves on your Vinca look like periwinkle but the flowers look like our summer vinca.

    A couple of months ago you posted a picture of a plant with white flowers. Five petals to the flower and it was shaped like a star. The plant has burrs. I know it as Horse Nettle. There’s also a plant that looks just like it but without burrs. We call it Common Nightshade. They are both weeds but I never pulled the Horse Nettle out of the garden because I thought the flower was pretty.

    Do Mangos grow on those trees? I swear someone told me recently mangos grow on vines. I thought they grow on trees but I’ve never seen one growing anywhere.


    • Hi Joan. I had another friend pipe up awhile back saying that some caterpillar I posted was a tobacco worm. Could be. It was different from the one that Austin dug up the other day, because the new one has a very very very long “nose” (probosis). Vinca has been a weed to me, because I wanted to get rid of it, but I couldn’t. It blooms all year round here – tropical botany is another world from temperate zone botany. As for the white flower – I wonder if you are thinking of the one from June 26 – it has a yellow bit in the middle. I’m not sure what it is. But one thing I KNOW = I know that I know this one: Mangoes grow on trees! Hugs, Kim

  3. Yes, that’s the flower posted on June 26.
    Checked with Anthony. Kiwis grow on vines. I shouldn’t swear!
    Take care Kim and have a wonderful day, Joan

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