13 August 2014

2014-08-08 fresh veggies  R

Look at all the produce Monica bought from a neighbor for only $20 (that is about 12 dollars US)!  Take THAT, middlemen!

2014-08-13 goslings 4  cr


We got so excited yesterday when Junia called up to Austin that some goslings were hatching!  Goose fertility is a big big challenge here.  Geese sell for $400 for a pair, and then the pair are not even fertile.  I have mentioned in previous posts about how Austin got some owners to agree to let Austin babysit their geese here,  in the hopes of producing some offspring.  As we ran down to the pond, I was planning to name the firstborn “Ryan”

2014-08-13 gosling & chick 2  Cr

Here is one of the newborn goslings beside a newborn chick.  Impressive, no?  But sad for me, both of the newborn geese are females, according to Austin.  (“How can you tell?” I ask.   “By the color,” he replied, “males are solid yellow.” )

2014-08-07 snails 3  cr


Snails on the underside of a piece of wood.

2014-08-11 big waves 3  R

Freaky big waves at low tide on a reef flat.   (normally they would have been just little laplets, if that much.)

2014-08-11 Suva petunias 1  R


Beautification project in Suva!   Lots of planters with blooming flowers around the town now.

2014-08-11 Suva petunias 2  R

They’re kind of rain battered but still pretty and they smell heavenly.  I didn’t know the name of this flower and was shocked when I found out.  Petunias!   What a great flower that has been so insulted by association – Porky Pig’s girlfriend, Harry Potter’s mean aunt.  Sheesh!  I’m for giving it a new name..

2014-08-13 Kura 1  cr


Kura fruit,  Also known as noni.   Growing right beside my house.   Junia’s mother used it as one of her standard cure-alls.   I always got better the second she approached me with it just so I wouldn’t have to take it.

2014-08-08 gingerale 1  R


Some folks requested Akka’s ginger ale recipe, so I tried to catch him when he did it again.

2014-08-08 gingerale 01  Cr

Here are the washed up roots, the juicer machine, some juice and juiced pulp.   Akka had run some water through the juicer – ginger roots don’t have that much liquid.   He also put water into the pulp and squeezed it again like coconut.

2014-08-08 gingerale 4  R

He added sugar to the juice and boiled it to make a syrup.   It forms a skin like boiled milk does, which gets discarded.   Ginger juice has a starch in it that settles down.  Akka boiled all of it but is regretting that because the starch has jellied up some.   Oh well.

2014-08-08 gingerale 02  R

After cooling, the next step is adding the “bug” – that’s what’s in this cloth covered mayo jar.  It is pulverized ginger, sugar and a few raisins.  It supposedly ferments into a starter that will carbonate the juice.   Last time Akka used a pinch of yeast (as for island moonshine), which worked well.   After adding the bug or the yeast, the juice goes into an airtight bottle for a few hours to bubble up.  Then into the refrigerator because we are not interested in hard ginger ale.   Not a risk this time since the bug was a DUD.

5-22-14 limes 2 Cr

Last step, add some lemon or lime.   Yummy refreshing!  

2014-08-13 orchid root 1 fuzzy cater Cr


Akka found this magnificent fuzzy caterpillar in the orchid house a few days ago.   He reminds me a little of a kind-hearted and brilliant comic we lost this week.  Maybe if we can see some of the humor through his memory, maybe we didn’t lose him.

*   *   *

6 thoughts on “13 August 2014

  1. YAY Goslings! I was there a year ago when we got the geese.. it was October 2013. They finally relaxed – and I hear Austin got a goose form a different family to spice things up around the pond…. 🙂
    Wonderful blog post, Kim..poetic flow..interesting! Really touched about the reference to Robin Williams, especially since many folks compared Austin to him…

  2. Hi dear ladies – the goose fertility problem is related to life-long monogamy and lack of incest. The geese were laying duds (i.e. unfertilized eggs) because they were not going to make whoopee with their brothers. When Austin introduced a new pair of geese from another area, the unrelated couples found true love. I think when you are putting that much energy into that big a baby, you want to give it the best genetic shot you can.

  3. I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures. I especially enjoyed the ginger ale production and the gosling pictures. I am getting more interested in making a trip to see some of these things in real life.

  4. Kim, I think your server clock is off. It said I posted my comment at 3:50 p.m. and it should have been 3:50 a.m., unless I’m loosing it. Ha.

    • Hi Larry! I’m really happy that Akka’s ginger ale production caught your fancy. A comment in a private email is that it didn’t look very tasty (I should have gotten a beauty shot in a clear glass). There is always something happening here – very different week to week, and we will be delighted if you are able to visit. As for the server clock – ha ha ha – that is totally out of my control. The clock on my computer is correct Fiji time. WordPress does not follow my clock, but uses their own – God only knows where home base for WordPress is located.

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