30 January 2014

Today, a storm is upon us.  It has no name because the winds are nothing to brag about – but there is rain.  Lots and lots of rain.  Enough that the river is rising, the road to Sigatoka is undriveable, and schools have been closed.


At the farm this means that my solar clothes dryer is totally inoperative, and I do not have enough line space under any roof to handle all  the laundry (whine, whine).   Also of note, the power may go out soon – and with that: Internet (hence the hurry and the no photos).


 Junia is hastily harvesting all the bananas that have the potential to ripen, before the bushes get washed into the river.  


Austin and Akka have gone to tow Akka’s truck to higher ground.


.With luck I’ll be back next week in a more normal fashion.


3 thoughts on “30 January 2014

    • Thanks Peggy and Karolyn. It was messy here for a few days, but the rain has stopped for now. At worst we could have had damage to the farm – but we didn’t. Many of our neighbors have lower-lying houses that can get swamped when the river rises. Happily the river did not come up so high. It’s happened twice in the last 5 years, so we all get nervous – but thank God, not this time. Hugs to both of you!

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