20 June 2013

There are heaps of little dust colored insects skittering around one kind of short bushy plant in a haze of busyness.  I stopped and looked – one settled on a stem – triangular wings out.  AHA – it is a moth.

There was another  flutterer – bright yellow and just a little bit larger.  Butterfly or moth?  Moth or butterfly?   Rounded wings like a luna moth, but I wanted to know for sure.  Had to wait several minutes before it finally lit, stayed just a fraction of a second and took off again.  I didn’t trust my eyes, so I waited again.  Wings UP.  It is a butterfly!  BINGO!    

I mentioned this yellow lepidoptera to Austin (to show off how observant I’m becoming) – he immediately said, “that’s a butterfly, a sulfur butterfly…. it drinks urine.”  Not much glamour in the natural world.

The hibiscus hedge that my son trimmed with the chain saw a couple of months ago is putting out a lot of leaves now – all healthy leaves, without the disease that made them get knobby and curl under.  I hope that disease is gone.

In the mornings when I run on Cardiac Hill there are small iridescent membranes in the grass – tiny spider webs.   I love dewy webs but never noticed any in the grass before moving here.

I looked more closely at that leafless tree on the drive up the valley – there are about 6 dead trees there.  And dead trees in 3 other clusters coming up Valley Road.   I got a good look at the base of a few of them and they aren’t ringed (i.e. killed by someone by cutting off the sap supply to the top)..  So I don’t know if the farmers poisoned them or if there is some disease moving up the valley.   If it were a tree disease, would anybody be paying attention?

One last thing.  I read somewhere that Irish eyes can distinguish 1000 shades of green.  I thought of it awhile back on a sunny day when I realized that of all the shades of green I could see here, I could not find Crayola “green” for the life of me.   Today it was overcast and the light threw out a completely different green palette,   I thought I saw “green” today for a moment – but, no, on closer look it was a bit too blue.  I can’t find “green” on the computer either.  I’m just wondering if “green” exists in nature.


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